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Alberta’s Largest Independent Property Management Company

With $2B of property under management,
Magnum York has been providing quality condominium and rental management services
within Calgary, Edmonton, Olds, Fort McMurray and Red Deer for over 20 years.

Proud albertans

We’ve been property managers in Alberta since 1991 and have offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Olds, Red Deer and Fort McMurray. Whether it’s condo boards or rental units, owners stay with us long term — on average from 10 to 25 years. 


Magnum York is a licensed Brokerage through the Real Estate Council of Alberta, and currently employ five licensed Property Managers. We adhere to strict rules related to trust accounts and trust funds. We pursue continuing education through the Calgary Condominium Institute.

"The Right Fit" financial savings

Magnum York is the right fit to provide your property with individual service, yet large enough to command the best prices and service from suppliers. Our bank currently pays an industry leading Prime less 2.1% interest on your idle operating funds. And, with over 95% of our properties insured with the same broker, our buying power delivers low insurances rates to our clients. 


Our first year cancellation policy guarantees your satisfaction as an owner or condo board. If you are not happy with our services in the first year of being with us for any reason and you wish to leave us, you can provide us a 2 month notice to cancel our services with no penalty for ending the agreement early.

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"Magnum York is experienced in all facets of property management. They helped implement many new ideas, processes that have improved the quality of life in our 156 suite condominium community. In particular, their capability to provide dedicated service for a large Condo building is impressive!"
high rise condo building sky blue clouds
Claude, Axxis Condo, Calgary
"Thanks for all your help over the years. I quite literally couldn't have dealt with Highpoint without you!"
apartment balcony tiered home view house multi unit multiple
Jenny, High Point Estates Condo, Calgary
"We have retained Magnum York as our condominium managers for some ten to fifteen years. They are knowledgeable, efficient and extremely helpful in all day to day aspects of the managing of the building including completing major projects within budget. I would have no hesitation in recommending Magnum York to any condominium board looking for efficient, professional management services."
building tall red brick apartment building high-rise
Julie, Thretheway Condo, Edmonton
"We own 3 multi-family buildings in Edmonton and had asked Magnum York to manage them approximately one year ago. Having owned these properties for 15 years, we unfortunately have gone through 2 other Management companies in the time, and have finally found a company that is dependable, organized, and has great customer service. We would highly recommend Magnum to any fellow investors. The company treats the properties like their own!"
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Brian, Multi-Family Rental Units, Edmonton
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