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Thank You for Your Interest in Magnum York’s MYVendor Program

Consider these benefits:

  • Get access to a pan-Alberta marketplace of over 750 buildings with over $25M annual spend
  • Handpicked invitations to quote on related projects
  • Reduced competition for quotes
  • MYVendor Certified badge and Letter of recommendation
  • Lower marketing, ads and business development costs & time
  • Lower admin management; 1-stop billing, chargebacks, invoicing systems
  • Consistent & stable payments
  • Exclusive preferred vendor service email support
  • Able to scale business and provide discounts
  • Able to present or provide seminars and marketing collateral for condo board & investor clients
  • Able to provide brochures, mugs and other marketing collateral for offices
  • Able to provide “lunch & learn” seminars for our internal staff
  • Online support through website listings & backlink referrals, positive Google Reviews, potential posts on our My Business, social media channels and Magnum York blog
Magnum York manages over 750 properties across Alberta

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