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Be on the Same Page: Communicate Perfect Condo Goals-3945

As with any corporate meeting, your condo board meeting should be where members accomplish meaningful tasks through effective decision making. So how do you Communicate Perfect Condo Goals? Your board meeting will best serve that function when everyone keeps these purposes in mind:

  • Know your responsibilities as a board member; what is the board responsible for overseeing/implementing/enforcing/resolving?
  • Understanding primary concerns and issues
  • Avoid conflicts of interest and understand the liability involved
  • Be familiar with the corporations bylaws; Specifically sections on Board & Owner responsibilities, as well as Use & Occupancy Restrictions
  • Agreeing on a course of action for each issue


That’s the crucial art of being on the same page. It sounds like a simple idea; but, in reality, not being on the same page challenges a group to make a well informed decision. Being on the board requires a focused effort and dedication from everyone involved. You may not get everything exactly perfect, but we can help you get as close as possible.



Effective communication is a simple matter of sharing information in a straightforward way that minimizes misunderstanding. Building notices that get posted or emailed out are an effective way of communicating small everyday activities around the property. (Ex. Water shut downs, power washing notices, new recycling implementation etc.)



Condo board meetings are important, still they pull members away from their jobs, families and personal lives. A carefully planned agenda can make that time organized, meaningful and productive.

Your board’s agenda should include a brief outline of all formal topics, a list of previous issues that require follow-up and any new items looking to be discussed at the meeting.

To keep your meetings running smoothly, your board agenda should be handed out at least a week before your meeting.


Set Common Goals

Like any organized gathering, your meeting will function more efficiently if the condo board maintains a set of goals that govern all interactions.

Example goals to consider:

  • Manage the common property in the best interest of the owners
  • Procuring quality upgrades and maintenance for the community
  • Addressing resident concerns as promptly as possible
  • Minimize community safety and security issues


Learn Condo Bylaws

Bylaws establish a guideline of rules for condo board’s to be able to manage the corporation. While it’s not reasonable or necessary to memorize all condo community bylaws, each board member should have easy access to a written or digital copy to read and re-read when it’s necessary for proper decision making. Each member should commit to reading the bylaws at least once. If they don’t understand the rationale behind each guideline, they should feel comfortable asking questions of more seasoned and knowledgeable members.

If you are able to follow these guidelines your board and its members will be moving issues forward in no time at all.


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