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Changes in Alberta Condo Act protects consumers-4363

The new condo act has been passed in the Alberta legislature and it’s positive for consumers across the province. The bill died in previous government discussion but was re-introduced back in 2014. What differences will it make moving forward?
Kim Taylor from CTV News tells us more in an informative consumer watch segment.

“the condominium property amendment act has 50 changes in it which government hopes will give consumers protection and improve how condos are run”.

The Alberta government is addressing the issue of condo deposits being held in trust aimed at providing more protection for consumers. Refinements to Bill 9 have been made and the Minister of Service Alberta, Stephen Khan points out the aim is to:

“enhance consumer protection by improving clarity of the purchase cancellation rights, we have also taken the opportunity to improve the processes by updating voting rights”

This is the first time any amendments have been made to the bill in 45 years.

Other highlights to the bill change include:

  • Better training and qualifications for property managers.
  • A new condo dispute tribunal board
  • More financial and warranty info for buyers

Watch the entire video from CTV here:

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