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For this post, we decided to answer some common questions for condo developers in Alberta. Magnum York Helps with the transition from developers to the owners and make is a smooth process. For more on this transition read this post and also visit our developers page for further information.

Enjoy this read and reach out to us if you have any further questions, also if you would like a quote we will send you one within 24 hours.


1. How do you enjoy Better Condo Transitions?

It’s a demanding time for condo developers in Alberta, with plenty of opportunity and quality buyers. You can spend a lot of time navigating the process of transitioning property to owners, juggling a number of steps to close one deal and move on to the next.

Find efficiency in dealing with this complex exercise with the expert help and insight of Magnum York.


2. How do you get the job done as a Condo Developer?

Magnum York works closely with all parties involved in a transition — condo owners, vendors and the construction company — to create an easy, seamless transition process.

When there are needed repairs or other concerns, we work with vendors to get them wrapped up. Where the new owners have questions, we provide prompt and transparent support. At every stage, we optimize communication and take care of the details so you can focus on the end result. We simplify your life.

3. How do I manage owner requests as they move in?

As property owners begin to move in, it’s common for them to have a host of questions about the complex: everything from bylaws and management fees to what kinds of appliances they can have in their unit.

For any developer, getting 20 requests for similar things over the span of several weeks is time-consuming. Our job is to spot common problem areas, create a plan to deal with them, consolidate communications and ensure owner satisfaction.

4. What is the best way to move a condo to the Property Manager?

As you hand off the project to a property manager, Magnum York ensures the right person is in that position to provide the best possible support for buyers.

It’s generally important to have a manager in place and on the job as the buyers take possession, with a proactive knowledge of any issues that might need solving or details that deserve the new owners’ attention. We handle the scheduling and see to it that these connections happen without a hitch.

5. How do I manage the Condo Board transition?

In most condo developments, a board is eventually put in place that provides control over the space, but this takes time.

Most developers sell units over time rather than all at once, so it can be a while before the 50 percent owner requirement is met. Once that happens, the board changes. Our job is to help make sure this entire process flows well and is easy to manage.

6. What is the best way to manage Condominium Vendors?

How many vendors are on any given project? There can often be dozens. As a property developer, your goal is to come in, complete the project and move on to the next one. Yet, juggling numerous vendors and assuring the quality of the work is challenging. We help manage those details, ensuring the job is done right the first time.

Magnum York’s vendor program helps manage this process. Our companies are already vetted and approved, ensuring the work is done right. Read more about the vendor program here, if you need more information please reach out to us anytime.


Customized Services Are Always a Priority For Condo Developers

At Magnum York, one key thing is important to us: customizing the services we offer to make your job easier. We provide you with worry-free property and condo management and have done so in the region for more than 25 years. This means we manage all aspects you need including:

  • Transitions from developer to owners
  • Financials
  • Property management team selection
  • Document management
  • Required community permits and notices and much more

Condo developers in Alberta can work through Magnum York for any specific types of services they need. These are just a few examples of how we can help you to streamline communications, get the work done and have a successful project from start to finish. With our tools, we keep your goals front of mind, minimizing any frustrations you have along the way.

Contact us anytime during business hours for answers to any questions.


We serve the following cities and towns across Alberta, click for specific contact information in each city:



Red Deer


Fort McMurray


Medicine Hat

Thanks for reading and we hope to work with you soon. Our goal is to make your life easy. 24/7 Worry Free Condo Management from Magnum York.


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