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Magnum York Property Management Coronavirus Pandemic Response Covid-19


Please refer back to this page for updated information on Magnum York’s response to the ongoing Coronavirus Pandemic.

WE ARE CURRENTLY IN STAGE 1 RESPONSE. Due to new Alberta Government guidance for the province’s pandemic response, our office is closed, except for essential workers and by contactless pre-arranged client appointment.

Our offices across Alberta have been and will continue to remain closed to the public, however, we are allowing residents to stop by if necessary, on an appointment-only basis, and only for simple contactless transactions that you can’t process any other way (like having to pick up a new key FOB). Please make prior arrangements with your Property Management team to ensure that we are prepared to safely serve you.

All staff have been instructed to stay home except for essential worker shifts.

There will be no interruption in your property management services from Magnum York during this period. All of our systems are securely “in the cloud,” and all staff are connected with full workstations and video conferencing to work remotely from their home, coupled with high-speed internet (for the most part).


Board meetingsNo in-person meetings.  Only Team or Zoom meetings.
Site Visits – Solo visitsYes, if required to protect the property like vacant unit checks.  Outdoor and parkade visits allowed as long as # of people are less than 10 (preferably just a few), and everyone is wearing masks.
Onsite Vendor meetings/Board walkaroundsNo.
Showings/Move In-OutNo In-person showings, virtual showings only.  No move in-out completed while in the same space.  Paperwork is completed in advance. The unit is never occupied with both parties at the same time.
Office Kitchen/BathroomsBefore touching, hand sanitizer, and after usage, wash your hands before you go back to your desk.  Use the wipes and wipe everything you plan to touch, and after wipe everything that you did touch.  Stress sanitizer or washing hand(s) on entering and on leaving.  The same applies to bathrooms.No eating in the kitchens or together.
Photocopier/supply roomBefore touching, hand sanitize, and after usage, wash your hands before you go back to your desk.  Use the wipes and wipe everything you plan to touch, and after wipe everything that you did touch.
Boardroom useNo Use of Boardroom.
Employees in officeWhen possible work from home. You must have a good reason to come to office. If you do, as always, sign in for contract tracing and sanitize. When you are in the office you will be wearing a mask all of the time EXCEPT when you are in your office space alone.  When someone enters your space, put on your mask (The other person will already be wearing their mask). In general, you shouldn’t be meeting others at the office anyway. 
Customers or non-employees in officeNo.  The exception would be couriers; transactions and deliveries need to be touchless.

General Pandemic Response Tips

Are you a resident (tenant or owner) in building Magnum York manages?

Resident safety and the safety of our Magnum York staff continues to be our #1 priority:

Three (3) Ways to Send Service Requests To Magnum York MYCustomerCare

We encourage residents to submit service requests in one of three ways … this helps to effectively streamline and track all requests:

  1. Continue using our online forms to submit: service requests
  2. Call your local main office line, found here:
  3. For after-hour emergencies, call the local main office line and follow instructions to talk with an emergency operator.
  4. We encourage all residents and owners to sign up for their MYCustomerWebPortal to give you a logged-in experience to see your billing, update your information, and to submit and track service requests.

Condominium Corporations

In general, condo corporations are back to business as usual (in the new normal). We continue to see elevated levels of service requests and complaints, due to the number of people still in their units on a daily basis.

Alberta Condo Boards have been under elevated pressure; most are dealing with insurance premium increases (leading to condo fee increases), and dealing with the Pandemic

We’ve been working in board meetings very effectively almost 100% on video conferencing … Zoom or Teams are the preferred tools.

What Should You Do With Your Condo Corporation AGM?

Condo Corporations have hit a grey area when it comes to safely hosting their required Annual General Meeting’s (AGM). We break down all we know in our September 2020 blog:

To say that there are a lot of moving parts to the coronavirus pandemic is a vast understatement. We’re doing our best here at Magnum York to stay up to date with how the government response impacts both our business as well as the 750+ buildings we manage across Alberta.

Message from Peter Best, CEO/Broker of Magnum York

We’ve managed successfully through many different crises in Alberta; the Calgary flood and Fort McMurrary fire to name a few, and we’re proud of being able to continue high levels of service when the Pandemic started. We will be here for you through this whole enprecedented crisis.

We started talking about our pandemic response plan in mid-January and we are now in “business in the new normal” territory. Magnum York, with our trades & partners, are committed to delivering essentials services and protect our condo owners and rental tenants lifestyle, property, and investment value.

We continue to monitor many different channels of information and are communicating through this blog and in emails going to our clients. Thank you for your patience.

Peter Best, CEO / Broker

FYI, our primary sources of property management information for guiding us all through this is:

COVID-19 Financial Links For Alberta Renters and Condo Owners

Both the provincial and federal governments have stepped up with financial and support programs for those struggling. We hope you can benefit from this list:

The Government of Canada published a “Current Situation” page:

The Government of Canada also declared an $82B stimulus package “Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan: Support for Canadians and Businesses”

Rent and Condominium Fees Due

Unless otherwise instructed by the government, Rent and Condominium fees are due. Many of our customers are on a Pre-Approved Payment plan (PAP), so nothing else is required.

For those that manually pay every month, please note that Magnum York offices are closed to the public. You can also log in to our online payment system: allows you to pay by credit card or by EFT electronic transfer from your bank account.

We understand that this is a difficult time for all. Support for your situation may be found from Alberta resources: or National funding:

We diligently continue to monitor guidance from authorities so if anything changes we will alert you.

A Note On The Privacy Act for Condo Owners and Rental Tenants

For those Condo Owners and Apartment Tenants who live in multi-family buildings that want to be warned when other people in their building are affected from COVID-19 — we cannot disclose that info. Like you, other people in your building are not mandated to disclose their health information to us. And, even if we knew who was sick, or quarantined, or self-isolated / self-monitored, or just got back from a trip … we couldn’t tell anyone … we cannot disclose private information of other people in the building, which includes status of their health. Thanks for your understanding.

We encourage all our clients, boards, condo owners and tenants to follow the health recommendations found here: and here . This WHO World Health Organization resource is great too:

We are managing your property effectively

It’s important to know that our MYAdvantage Technology means all our Property Management data and systems are in the cloud, that staff can work remotely and it’s why you’ve continued to have efficient property management through the crisis thus far.

24/7 emergency response

Our emergency response remains intact; if you call our number during the day, our staff will handle dispatching appropriate emergency services. Our night time call centre continues to operate, so those needed emergency services will be covered 24/7.

A call is considered an emergency is there is a threat to life or property and generally falls into 5 categories of issues: Heat, Fire, Flood, Power & Security.

Links for further information

Alberta Health Services

Latest news from Alberta Government

Public Health Agency of Canada

World Health Organization – Link for Covid-19

World Health Organization – Advice for public (best protective measures)

Infection Prevention and Control Canada

City of Calgary response to coronavirus

City of Edmonton coronavirus emergency preparedness

City of Red Deer coronavirus response

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      Hi Morley ... we just came across this message, I hope it's timely. We will reach out. If you need your reserve fund updated/reviewed, I'm assuming you are a self managed board? In any event, we can explore that as we discuss property management with you. Thanks. ~Stephen

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