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According to insurance experts, there are 6 main misconceptions regarding home owners and their insurance policies.


30-Day Vacancy Rule:

The refusal of coverage from your insurance company if your property remains vacant for over 30 days.

Jewelry Coverage:

Theft or loss of jewelry is only covered to a sub-limit that is set by your insurance company.

Rare Items:

Appraisals and insurance extensions are recommended in case of theft or loss of rare items.

Sewer Back-Up & Earthquakes:

These occurrences are not covered by a basic home insurance policy, but can sometimes be offered through a policy extension.

Maintenance Property Risk:

Poor maintenance of a home could lead to denial of insurance claims if damage could have been prevented with proper upkeep.

Property Upgrades:

Home renovations must be reported to your insurance company, as it will increase the value of your home and therefore alter your policy.

For more information regarding these misconceptions, please follow the link below:

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