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Essential Steps for a Successful Condo Board Vote-4834

There comes a time during a meeting when a condo board vote needs to happen. Typically, these are mundane matters that attendees tend to agree on en masse. Every now and then, however, something substantial comes up for a vote and there doesn’t seem to be a general consensus in the room. When it comes to spending large amounts of the reserve fund, or perhaps, money out of the wallets it’s important to have an idea of how things are going to go to properly prepare for any situation. In these situations, it’s important that every single person has a say and lets their feelings be known. After all, it’s going to be their money and time as well.

How to Have Successful Condo Board Vote

When it comes time to vote, there need to be steps in place to be certain that everyone who can vote will be voting and everyone knows exactly what is at stake. With that concept in mind, today we thought we would discuss how to go about successfully meandering such a situation by laying out the steps to have a proper and well-informed vote. These things should be easy, but they often aren’t. People can get their backs up for the wrong reasons and derail things quite easily. Since we like things that are easy, successful, and done the right way, we’ll take you through the essential steps for a successful condo board vote.

#1: Send out vote proxies

This is important for a few reasons, chief among them, everyone should have their say. If for some reason someone can’t make it or they don’t live in the city they still need to be consulted on all matters of the condo, especially larger decisions. Sending out proxies guarantees that everyone has a say while also confirming that there will be enough votes for any motions to pass. Keeping everyone in the loop, giving them their vote, and covering all necessary bases is a key step for a successful condo board vote.

#2: Follow the board rules

The condo board will have rules set up for these meetings. Rules are meant to be followed. While this doesn’t sound very fun, it’s important to follow the guidelines. It will keep things moving in the right direction and won’t give anyone the impetus to disagree or file a complaint. If the rules and guidelines to votes are followed by the letter of the law, then everyone knows it’s fair and that there are no avenues to go down should they have not got their way. It sounds simple and it is.

#3: Have time for an open forum

Before anything is put to vote, be sure to leave time for any person to air any grievances or voice their concerns. Again, it’s important for all issues to be discussed so everyone goes into the vote with the full knowledge of the situation. You don’t want people voting blind on matters that can cost large sums of money. Be sure to allow time before the vote takes place to get everything out on the table whether it is of the utmost importance or not. Sometimes people need to get things off their chests, and this is the best time to do so. Going into a vote with a clear head is essential to getting things done properly.

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