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Everyone enjoys having a polished exterior and interior property; it reflects pride in your community. Unkept exteriors and interiors are a safety concern, as rotting materials can fall off and cause injury. Maintaining your property also helps prevent degradation and adverse impacts of the building. Calibre Coatings Ltd. provides professional tips on the most cost-effective ways to extend an aging building’s lifespan.

Calibre Coatings Ltd. is a commercial, residential, and light industrial painting contractor. They apply all types of commercial, residential, and industrial paints, stains, enamels, epoxies, urethane’s, intumescent coatings, elastomerics, sealers, and anti-graffiti coatings to wood, pre-cast/cast-in-place concrete, masonry, stucco, gypsum wallboard (drywall), steel, aluminum and galvanized metal in addition to many other services.

Why Do I Need An Exterior Building Maintenance Plan?

Regular exterior building maintenance is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend an aging building’s lifespan. And while some level of decay is unavoidable, problems can multiply quickly if a building’s shell is not maintained on a regular basis. Here are five points to keep in mind when developing an exterior maintenance plan.

1. Regular Building Inspections

Either you or the third party should look for any potential defect, for example cracks, water intrusion, issues with windows and doors, and then come up with a plan for addressing them. A commercial building that has a flat roof, for instance, may be prone to pooling water and potential damage that you will not see unless you do a thorough inspection.

The inspection will also help you detect early signs of a problem and make the fixes before the water impacts other areas of your building, window frames, doors, and ceilings. During the inspection, have the provider clean out any gutters and downspouts of leaves or debris to enable continual water drainage.

2. Always Look Out For Leaks

Water intrusion is one of the biggest issues that property owners deal with, it can escalate into more serious problems like a flooded basement or mold. Keep a constant eye out for leaks, and maintain an operating budget for fixing those problems as soon as they start.

3. Do Not Skip The Small Stuff

Even a minor leak, a small stucco crack, or a slight settlement crack can turn into a big headache down the road (and even impact other areas of the building). Instead of skipping these small problems, address them promptly to avoid bigger issues later.

For example, small cracks in a building’s exterior can quickly become big ones. Avoid this problem by swiftly identifying the cracks, sealing them up, and/or fixing them.

4. Hire Help When Needed

Climbing up on the roof to inspect structural issues may seem like second nature for the ambitious facility manager, but some tasks are best left to the experts in the name of both safety and efficiency. When it is warranted, hire experienced professionals like Calibre Coatings to help with any monitoring, inspections, or maintenance of your building’s shell.

About 80% of our property maintenance and repair work is outsourced to professionals Like Calibre Coatings who know their trade and scope of work. Calibre ensures the work is to code and those small problems will be addressed before they become major issues.

5. Keep Your Property Looking Good

In today’s fast-paced business world, it is easy to fall into the habit of not keeping up the appearances of an aging building. A fresh coat of paint, new windows, modern signage, and other exterior elements can all go a long way in creating a more appealing appearance—all while ensuring higher levels of safety and enjoyment for occupants. Keep this in mind the next time you are deciding whether to put off that new paint job for another year.

Does The Exterior Of Your Property Get Vandalised By Graffiti?

Not only is graffiti damage an eyesore, but graffiti removal costs taxpayers and building owners billions of dollars annually. Though many cities have started anti-graffiti programs, vandalism is still a problem. Property owners are left to figure out how to quickly remove spray paint without breaking the bank. Calibre Coatings offer services to get rid of graffiti for good.

There are two main types of anti-graffiti coatings to choose from:

1. Sacrificial Coating

A sacrificial anti-graffiti coating forms a clear-coat barrier over the surface being protected. If the surface is vandalized, the protective coating can be removed (in other words, sacrificed) using a high-pressure washer, taking the graffiti with it. Sacrificial coatings are great for sound barriers, building exteriors, bridges, tanks, and any other surfaces with ground-level access.

2. Permanent (or Non-Sacrificial)

Coating Permanent anti-graffiti coatings are often more expensive than sacrificial coatings, but if used appropriately only must be applied once. They work by creating a protective surface that spray paint cannot bond to. The graffiti is simply wiped off with a graffiti remover, leaving the graffiti coating and the surface it protects intact.


Thank you to Calibre Coatings Ltd. for providing such valuable content. They are a valued member of the MYVendor Program and are trusted by our Property Management team. If we manage your property, speak to your property manager about the services Calibre Coatings can offer.


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