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Hold Effective Condo Meetings: An Overview-4112


Learn how to hold effective condo meetings as a director or a coordinator of a Condo Board or Association. Maybe you attend the Condo Meetings and want to be a larger part of the groups success and efficiency. Running effective meetings can be quite a challenge if you are not prepared. That is why Magnum York has prepared the information you need to get a head start. First you may want to review one of our past posts: “The Most Efficient Condo Boards of all Time do This”. Click below to read more.

Condo Boards and Time Management

Efficiency is achieved by observing the aspects of a meeting. Both the speaker and the listeners. Keep extensive records of your discussions with detailed minutes to avoid communication errors down the road. Even though we say detailed minutes they do not have to be word for ward. The appropriate motions, approval’s and “seconds” will create an efficient document. Adequate preparation will also enable smooth condo debates and issues being moved along quickly. The condo board meetings should be between 45-90 minutes. You want the full attention of your audience.



Coordinating Condominium Meetings

Prior to each meeting provide members with an agenda and a copy of the last meeting’s minutes. Members should also have a copy of the most recent financial statements and reports from any committees and tribunals your corporation may have. Having all this information in one place with a detailed management report will enable you to conduct effective meetings.

he board president is responsible for running all board meetings and annual general meetings (AGM’s). The property managers will be able to help direct and guide the meeting giving practical solutions. (Example: opening up the floor for discussion). Decisions are made within the meetings’ set time limits and additional issues will be tabled to the next meeting. Furthermore, property managers can make recommendations based on past experience to enhance the decisions of your condo board.


Hold Effective Condo Meetings: Condominium Reporting

Your management report should be divided into outstanding issues, items requiring your board’s attention and new issues requiring decisions. These are the top factors you should cater towards in your condo debates to achieve peak efficiency. Of course as we already mentioned meeting minutes and financial numbers should be included with all reports. The more information there is available the better decisions the board will be able to make. Now you know how to hold effective Condo Meetings!


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