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Magnum York is excited to welcome Holly Yuzwa as our Business Relationship Manager to lead our MYVendor Preferred Vendor & Trades Program.

Holding a CCHP designation (Canadian Certified “Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point”), Holly joins the team with 11 years of property management experience managing corporate housing, executive, and extended-stay suites. Holly oversaw a portfolio of 800 fully furnished suites, where she increased the market share to over 30% for the Alberta region.

Holly also has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, including helping with the opening of the new Marriot at the Calgary Airport amongst other successes.

What is the MYVendor Program?

We believe that clients, vendors, and Magnum York are equal partners in ensuring responsible property maintenance.

Magnum York is responsible for $25M marketplace of annual maintenance costs and capital projects, which is why we’ve created the MYVendor program.

The Magnum York MYVendor Preferred Vendor Program is an exclusive collection of our most trusted partners, trades, and vendors.

Prior to the MYVendor program, trade management across Magnum York could be inconsistent, difficult to administer, unorganized, a bit chaotic, and with long accounts payable cycles. Different property managers had their own little “black book” of trades and vendors, different processes, different background checks. Sometimes we had no trades available that could do the work properly. Sometimes it turned out they didn’t have valid insurance.

MYVendor is a giant step forward in the right direction to ensuring a consistent, successful approach for all our clients. I’m excited to meet everyone and see how we can really create a win-win-win scenario!

Holly Yuzwa, Magnum York Business Relationship Manager

More Trust, Easier Oversight

With the MYVendor program, selecting vendors everyone can trust to complete the job right, on time, and on budget has never been easier.

Magnum York works with known, reputable partners who are accountable for their work. We prefer to work with accredited vendors … our partner ensures the MYVendor program only includes professional companies that are properly licensed, insured, with WCB certificates, etc…

Currently available in Edmonton and Calgary, we are growing and expanding into all 14 cities we serve across Alberta.

The MYVendor vendor program is optional for Condo Boards, it’s at their discretion to approve one of the preferred vendors that have provided quotes, or choose a non-preferred vendor that they’ve vetted.

Benefits For Our Clients (Condo Corporations and Rental Owners)

Selecting vendors you can trust to complete the job right, on time, and on budget has never been easier.

  • Immediate access to the best and most trusted local vendors
  • Assured quality of service and experience
  • Pre-screened and easy to hire
  • Proper insurance to ensure your residents, the job site, and your projects are protected
  • Multiple quotes per project
  • Better scoped projects
  • Increased collective buying power. We attract special deals and discounts due to the size of the opportunity.
  • Discounts and other benefits available
    • Did you know Magnum York is the ONLY property management company that partners with Direct Energy for electricity savings in our properties?
  • Accountability and responsiveness from trades. Because of the ability to get recurring projects from Magnum York clients, trades are accountable to make sure ALL their projects are successful.

Benefits for Vendors and Trades

Our partners LOVE the MYVendor program. Why?

  • Marketing and sales costs are minimized. Since the number of trades in each vendor category is restricted, our trusted MYVendor partners get to provide more quotes, more often.
  • MYVendor partners enjoy WEEKLY pay cycles. If their invoice is entered in our systems by 10:00 a.m. Monday morning, a cheque is available by Friday afternoon, ready for mailing.

Consider some of the other features of the MYVendor program for trades:

  • Access to a marketplace of over 750 rental apartment and condo buildings
  • Opportunities in a $25M total spend
  • Reduced competition
  • Priority Magnum York support
  • Able to provide marketing info, brochures, mugs etc… to internal staff
  • Opportunity to provide educational webinars and seminars for our staff and clients
  • Able to provide guest blog posts both publicly on this website, as well as on our private internal Sharepoint intranet
  • In general, lower marketing, ads, and sales costs
  • Lower admin management. Magnum York is a one-stop-shop for billing, chargebacks, and invoicing.
  • Consistent and stable payments mean our partners can rely on cash flow

Are you a Vendor wanting to join the MYVendor Program? Complete our online form to apply!

Welcome, Holly!

We look forward to Holly’s contributions to Magnum York, our clients and our trade partner relationships.

Comments (2)

  • Bill Yetman Reply

    What an INCREDIBLE hire.
    As someone who had the pleasure to work with Holly in hospitality - she is the real deal.
    Strong relationship skills, incredible insight, and oozing with raw talent.
    Good things are certain to happen!
    Cheers ~

    April 12, 2021
    • Jessica Davies Reply

      Hi Bill, Thank you for your wonderful comment. We most definitely agree with you!

      April 19, 2021

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