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Gnorman Magnome in front of a rental property in Olds Alberta

Hi everyone! Allow me to introduce myself. Gnorman Magnome’s the name, and you’ve probably started seeing me on Magnum York signs, pictures, and online. I’m Magnum York’s new mascot; “Gnorman The Doorman,” they call me.

Livin’ the #gnomelifestyle across Alberta. Follow me on Instagram if you want:

Joining Magnum York Was An Accident

Joining Magnum York and becoming a part of the property management industry happened to me totally by accident.

My Grandpa lives up in Olds. He’s 537 so isn’t as spritely as he once was. Still, he gets around town pretty well. He happened to find himself in a few pictures of some rental properties when Ginny Davis from Magnum York was taking them for a new property investment owner.

Well, one thing led to another. The pictures ended up getting on one of the many websites Magnum York uses to advertise rental properties (like for example). People started seeing a GNOME in the pictures. And they REMEMBERED him.

Here’s a pic of me and Grandpa at our Olds office:

“The Place With The Gnome In It.” Those are the magic words.

“We’d like to rent the place that had the pictures with the Gnome in it”

A Happy Magnum York Tenant

Ureka! OF COURSE! If people start seeing a Gnome and associating a Gnome with great places to live, a great management company, and a love for our province of Alberta, then they’ll remember Magnum York (and your properties) more.

Magnum York wanted Grandpa to stand in for more pictures. Buuuttttt, Grandpa wasn’t into it. He is retired, after all, and while it was fun to be in some pictures, he didn’t want to travel across Alberta all the time.

So … Grandpa made a call to his favourite (or so I think) Grandson! Magnum York asked if I wanted to try it out. I thought, “what a great way to see Alberta and to help Albertans find their perfect place to live.”

Grandpa’s super proud of me. He’s one of a kind, that feller.

I’m a “Mnemonic Marketing Device”

I’m here to help your property pictures stand out from the crowd … in order to reduce vacancies and to help instill trust in our services and company.

Like the Century 21 Balloon, when people see me, they will remember what I’m associated with.

Now, in marketing terms, I am what is known as a “mnemonic marketing device.” Otherwise known as a “memory tool.” You can read all about it on the web, this is a good article:

Vacancy Signs and Fridge Magnets

We’re just finished making our first FOR RENT Vacancy signs and Fridge Magnets. This sign is obviously for Red Deer, expect them to roll out to our other city offices in the coming weeks and months.

Gnome Meme’s

We were sitting around one afternoon coming up with some good Gnome Meme’s. I tend to snort a bit when I laugh and WOW were we laughing that day. A few of the Meme’s are already on Instagram where we’ll be publishing all of them over time.

Work Life Balance

The phrase “work-life balance” is a weird one. My life INCLUDES work (which I love). Everyone’s does of course; it’s not “either/or,” u know?

Anyway, here’s a couple snapshots of me kickin’ it.

Trees and Bridges

The most important thing in a Gnome’s life is nature and respecting Mother Earth. Gnomes (and humans) … we’re part of nature, so how we interact with the natural things around us is very important. Plus, I have a thing for Bridges.

A Vibrant Alberta!

I travel across the province of Alberta all the time. I am forever enraptured with the beauty of the landscape, the resiliency of the people, and our history together. A lot of Gnomes grow up in Finland; I was lucky enough to grow up in a rural Alberta town. 197 years later and I’m still amazed by our province!

Giving Back To The Community

Be Kind. Be Curious. Be Present. Serve Others. That’s my family’s motto (and the secret to happiness, by the way!)

It’s important to help those in need.

Behind the Scenes: A Glamourous Gnome Lifestyle

Look, I know what you’re thinking. This all seems pretty glamourous. And it is! I sometimes don’t like the attention, I’m a little shy, but at the same time I know we’re doing great work for our owners and tenants in the 30 cities and towns we manage in across the province.

Even when I’m working hard we’re having fun. I’ll leave you with this last behind-the-scenes picture of a photoshoot we were doing. Man, we ended up going out after this and had a heck of a party; the Mint Juleps went down wayyyyyyyy too easy.

See you around!

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