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MAGNUM Releases New Rental Management Program

I am excited to announce the new Property Investment Management (PIM) Program.  Though we quietly released the program in October 2010, we have been working out the kinks in our processes.  We thank those early adopters for working with us during that time.

Though Magnum has been managing rental pools for over 20 years, we have not accepted individual investors.  In the past 18 months we have been overwhelmed with requests to manage properties outside of our rental pool program.  Last summer we started developing the program and last October we finally got a good working set of processes.

It might sound like simple transition, and on the surface it is.  However, when it came to the back end office processes, it is very different from managing rental pools.  The same tools are used, such as tenant approval but in the PIM Program the owner can have final say on all tenants, whereas for rental pools, we have the final say.   The processes are complete and we are comfortable that they are solid enough to announce the program to everyone.

To learn more about the program please go to the following link on our new website:

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