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Magnum York Condominium Survey How Are We Doing?

Communication and transparency are key to success in property management. There are many ways we try to “tap into” what it takes to deliver a 5-Star property management experience to the thousands of Albertans we serve across the province. We hope by providing a survey, we can give our condo owners a “voice” to ensure they are heard by both Magnum York as well as their Condo Board.

Look for an email in your inbox by the end of April

The survey is being sent to thousands of our condo owners in the month of April.

Every condo owner that has a valid email address in our main database will receive a personalized invite. Look for your survey invite in your email.

Should take about 4 minutes to complete, and it is being distributed through a team using the SAIT survey systems, fyi.

We’re Listening

The survey asks “How Are We Doing” relative to both your community as well as the work that Magnum York does.

We’ll put together a summary with benchmarks and share it with those who participate when it’s all done. If your community has enough owners that respond to the survey, then we will also share the community results with your Board.

Thanks to everyone for participating!

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