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MYCustomerCare Online Portal Magnum York Payments

Magnum York Property Management is excited to announce several new enhancements to our MYCustomerWebAccess Resident Portal, including online payments for your rent or condo fees.

Online Payments for Rental Tenants and Condo Owners

Our preferred method of collecting monthly payments is through Pre-Approved Payments (PAP) from your Financial Institution. To set up or change your PAP, complete this convenient online form:

For those that want to pay by credit card (or other alternate methods), you no longer have to go to a separate Rent Track website.

Please note that with the discontinuation of Rent Track, all Rent Track accounts will be deactivated and auto payments will be disabled.

Single Login for Both Payments and To Manage Your Account

Giving you a single place to log in for all your needs, Magnum York has partnered with Zego powered by PayLease, making online payments easy and convenient for our rental tenants and condo owners from our updated MYCustomerWebAccess Portal.

Our Portal is accessible 24/7 online and has been designed to give you easy options to:

  • Pay rent/condo fees and other balances online using various secure payment methods
  • View your balance, charges, and payment history of your account
  • Submit and track MYCustomerCare maintenance and service requests
  • Update your contact information

Login to our 24/7 portal by clicking here:


To get started you will need to create a login on the portal, which you can do yourself – as long as you have your Magnum York Account Number handy.

If you do not have your Magnum York account number, submit a MYCustomerCare service ticket to us. To submit a service ticket, use the service form for the office that serves you:

On the form, find the input field “How may we help you?” and choose the option “I need my Magnum York Account # to register for MYCustomerWebAccess online portal”.

If the personal information you submit matches what we have on file for you, you should get a reply immediately otherwise it may take up to 48 hours.

For assistance in getting your account set up, read through our new User Manual and Online Payment Guide.

Magnum York Rent Track is Discontinued as of March 30, 2021

Any customers who are currently signed up to Rent Track ( will no longer be able to submit payments as of March 30, 2021. All Rent Track accounts will be deactivated and auto payments will be disabled. Please ensure your new account is set up through the MYCustomerWebAccess Portal.

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