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Magnum York is Now on the Radio in Calgary!-4465

Radio Showcase “Ask the Expert” Series

Magnum York Property Management was featured in our last blog post for our spot on Breakfast Television. We are now excited to showcase some audio pieces that have aired on local Calgary radio stations Jack 96.9 FM and 660 AM News Radio. In the first audio segment, Peter Best tells us why condo associations and condominium owners should care about Bill 9. The relatively new property amendment act gives Alberta consumers more protection, let’s listen in and hear it straight from the source:


Environmental Focus for Condo Boards

In another segment, Peter talks about how you can make condo buildings more environmentally friendly. There are multiple upsides as it can help you save money as well! So what are some of the basic tips to help the environment when owning a condo building?

Efficient Condo Association Members

The next sound bite talks about being an efficient condo association. It’s important to come prepared to make decisions with your property manager.

Full-Service Management Program

Our last placement focused property managers and what a good management program includes.


We are glad to be able to showcase these audio ads and hope you can catch them airing on the radio! Ask the condo expert is brought to you by Magnum York Property Management. Each radio ad is outlined in the text below, thanks for your support.

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Radio Ad Scripts – Magnum York “Ask The Expert” Audio Series


Radio Ad #1 – Bill 9 Property Amendment Act

“We are here with Peter Best, broker of Magnum York Property Management. Peter, you’re the expert. Tell us why condo associations and owners should care about Bill 9?

The new Alberta Condominium Property Amendment act is bringing many changes over the next few years. In the end, consumers will have more protection and clarity in cases like dispute resolution. For managers, all condominium property managers will require licensing which includes education and best practice standards.

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Radio Ad #2 – Save Money AND Benefit the Environment

“We’re here with Peter Best, broker of Magnum York Property Management. Peter, you’re the expert. How can condo associations become more environmentally friendly?

You can make your building more eco-friendly and save money at the same time. Pay attention to attic insulation, variable speed pumps, LED lighting and establish a successful recycling program. Condo associations can recoup the costs in as little as 12-24 months.

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Radio Ad #3 – Making Efficient Condo Board Decisions

“We are here with Peter Best, broker of Magnum York. One of Alberta’s largest independent property management companies. Peter, you’re the expert, what makes a good condo association board member?

Condo boards make decisions on behalf of the association and the owners. It is up to the members to do that efficiently. The best members come to the meeting prepared and on time. They have done their background research in advance and are ready to make decisions and give clear direction to their property manager.

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Radio Ad #4 – Full-Service Management Program

“We’re here with Peter Best, broker of Magnum York Property Management. Peter, you’re the expert. What do property managers do for a condo association?

A good company works with your condominium board to facilitate a full-service management program. At Magnum York, we handle all aspects of financials, owner communication, maintaining property value while keeping costs down and negotiate better insurance rates. We also offer planning for the future, including reserve fund advice.

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