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total exteriors drone magnum york vendor program


We work with some of the best vendors the province of Alberta has to offer.  To be the best you need to provide excellent quality work and service, but you also need to think outside the box on how to provide that service.  Our partner Total Exteriors is one of those vendors.

Here is a video how they are using drone technology to complete roof inspections and measure your roof for your quote.



Total Exteriors uses IMGING Drones for Roof Inspections. These Drones automate damage detection, so issues like hail hits are easy to find. When your roof is damaged you want a quick, safe and thorough inspection. Automated flight provides a roof inspection from the ground in minutes. Using “Lawn Mower Mode” a systematic roof scan is completed gathering dozens of ultra-high-res images that can also be used to prepare 3D models. Total Exteriors use of IMGING Drones for Roof Inspections also creates shareable reports with measurements and high-res images. Detailed roof checks made easy!

This is one of the Advantages Magnum York Provides. If you would like a quote then request one today!

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