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RECA Real Estate Council of Alberta Condo Licensing Magnum York

As of December 1, 2020, the Government of Alberta will enact legislation to require Alberta condominium property managers to be licensed. All property managers will need to be licensed by early summer 2021, at the latest by October, according to time frames announced.

Third and Final Phase of RECA & CPA Changes

This is the third and final phase of sweeping changes laid out in 2014 that have changed the landscape for condo owners and property managers across Alberta. All for the better in our opinion. Magnum York has been a strong advocate of a more professional and accountable industry. Here are a few of our blog posts on the topic:

RECA is Following B.C.’s Lead With Strata Managers And Condo Managers

RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta) has had several consultations with the goal of implementing these changes. RECA is following the model in B.C. for Strata Manager Licensing … it was the first province that licensed “condo” managers in Canada in 2006.

As of this writing, there are a few things that we believe will happen wrt Licensing Requirements.

What Are The Licensing Requirements?

The model will follow the current licensing guidelines for Property Managers.  Each manager will need to be personally licensed and also belong to the Brokerage.  The Brokerage would also need to have a Broker that is recognized as a Condominium Manager Broker.

What Education Is Being Offered?

The indication is that there will be courses offered by RECA similar to those offered for Property Managers.  This would mean each candidate would need to pass both the Essentials course and the Fundamentals course.  That said, provided candidates have at least 6 months of condominium management experience, they will be granted a ONE TIME opportunity to challenge the qualifying exam for an associate.  By scoring 70% or better, requirment to complete the courses will not be necessary.

Added to that, anyone with a current RECA license can also challenge this exam to allow them to add Condominium Property Management to their license without taking the courses.  In this scenario, candidates can only challenge the exam once and must also score 70% or higher.  RECA will is also be proposing “conditional licensing” during the transition for experienced practitioners.

Much like Property Managers who hold a valid and current designation (RPA or CPM), it is also likely that Condominium Managers will be able to apply for RECA licensing through the body that issues their designations such as the RCM and ACM.  This can be attained through ACMA – the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta.

One last wrinkle is that RECA intends to divest itself of the delivery of real estate education in the next two years. This may mean, if you start with RECA education you will need to complete before they outsource it.

What Is The Timeline For Completion?

While a firm date has not been announced for when licensing will begin it is anticipated to be in 2021 – as early as April.  The recommendations from the latest consultation will be released at the end of this year.

At that time, current unlicensed condominium managers will be given a deadline by which they will need to be licensed in ordered to remain authorized under RECA and the Real Estate Act.

Once property managers enroll in the course, a timeline of 18 months will be given to complete, if starting from the beginning or 120 days if adding to an existing license.


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