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New Online Payment Option with Magnum York!

Homeowners in Canada build their credit with each mortgage payment. For condo owners and renters, month after month, you pay condo fees and rent on time but get zero credit being responsible. No longer.

Magnum York wants to change that.  We have partnered with an online payment reporting platform with RentTrack to help our tenants, owners and board members build positive credit history with each on-time online payment.

Get The Credit You Deserve.

With RentTrack you can now log on, see your account balance and make a payment using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Credit Card.  RentTrack is mobile friendly and even allows you to set up recurring payments whether that payment is rent, condo fees, late fees, parking or more!

Tenants and owners can turn on Credit Reporting for free and RentTrack will report your online payments to Equifax Canada.  Each on-time online payment is a positive addition to your credit file and will help you build your credit history.

RentTrack Online Payment Tracker

Historically in the U.S. and Canada there has not been a path to build positive credit with online payments.  Three years ago, RentTrack set out to change that and began working with the three major U.S. credit bureaus. RentTrack is still the only U.S. payments platform that reports to all three.  Study after study has shown that the average resident sees credit score increases averaging 29-33 points once rent or condo fee payments are added to credit files.

RentTrack helps tens of thousands of U.S. residents build their credit each month.  With its entry into the Canadian market and partnerships with Magnum York and Equifax Canada, the plan is to do the same for Canadian residents – helping them build positive credit history with each online payment.


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