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There’s a certain comfort that comes with living at or owning a property that is managed properly and professionally. At Magnum York, we do all the little things that offer peace of mind to those living in the buildings we manage. It’s something that’s easy to say; something that’s easy to pay lip service to, but we back up these claims in a variety of ways.

Feature Vacancy Properties

We thought it would be best to discuss a few of the unique features we offer that put us a notch above our competition. Some of these features may sound quite unique, but these are simply things we deem to be necessities to managing a property the right way. With that in mind, here are a few of the ways we separate ourselves from everyone else out there.

Magnum York Properties

For every property, we assign a property manager, an administrative assistant, and an accountant. This may seem like a lot of hands on deck, and it is, but this is what we have determined to be the best way to manage properties properly. Instead of having someone managing any number of properties we prefer to have a small team handling things to ensure it’s done right, every time;

  • Magnum Condo Papers:

  • This is a document portal system we utilize to make handling and management of documents as simple and efficient as possible for members of our team and those on condo boards. Condo Papers stores all the necessary documents for HOA, condo board meetings, and strata in one convenient space and makes them accessible at all times. It’s something that extremely easy to use and a major aspect of convenience for all of our users;
  • The MY Advantage Program:

  • What the MY Advantage program does is offer an all-encompassing end-to- end solution for managing tenants. This program includes property showings, tenant screenings, applicant approvals, tenant move-ins, and rent collection. A thorough screening process ensures that all applicants are qualified and will produce an excellent tenant. This is not an easy process for those that may own the space, so having someone there to take care of all these time-consuming steps is a major advantage to filling a vacancy with the right type of tenant.
  • Multi-Unit Rentals:

  • When it comes to multi-unit rental properties, we have that process down as well. This can certainly be a labour intensive process and it’s not always easy to keep track of what has happened at each place. With our Property Investment Management (PIM) program, we’ll take care of all the issues that come along with the MY Advantage Program as well as handling the potential renewal of leases with current tenants or helping to complete the move-out process with them. Finding new and qualified tenants is also part of the program that offers a peace of mind not found with other companies. What this all amounts to is the lowest vacancy rates in Alberta. Having the lowest vacancy rates in the province means that any property we are tasked with managing won’t be empty for very long. It’s part of what we do best and what makes us the way we are. At Magnum York, doing right by our properties and our tenants is first and foremost.

Condo Property Management

At Magnum York, we offer professional property management services throughout Alberta with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Olds, and Red Deer. A call or visit to any of our offices will go a long way in alleviating any immediate and long-term concerns you may have. The value a professional property manager can add is immeasurable and something we take pride in doing. Don’t hesitate to let us know if your property needs the care and assistance it deserves; we’re always standing by waiting to offer you our services and professional touch.

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