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At Magnum York, we take immense pride in offering a spectrum of payment methods that cater to the unique preferences and circumstances of our valued clients. From the tech-savvy to the traditionalists, our commitment to convenience and flexibility shines through as we present a range of payment options that make life easier for tenants and property owners.

In this blog, we’re delighted to highlight Magnum York’s unwavering dedication to delivering a hassle-free journey, shedding light on some of the various payment methods we offer. Specifically, we’ll be taking a closer look at two of our most popular options: Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP) and online payments through our customer web portal. We will explore how these methods differ, helping you make informed decisions about the payment approach that aligns best with your needs.

1. Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)

Pre-authorized payments (PAP) stand as a modern and hassle-free approach to streamlining the process of collecting monthly rent or condo fees. With PAP, clients authorize Magnum York to automatically deduct fees from their designated bank accounts on the 1st day of each month. This method not only eliminates the need for manual transactions and the potential for missed payments but also ensures consistent and timely fee collection. PAP offers convenience and peace of mind to both tenants and property owners, allowing them to focus on other priorities while resting assured that their financial obligations are being met seamlessly.

If there is an increase in condo fees, PAP will automatically be adjusted to reflect the new amount.

Clients who wish to cancel their PAP must provide written notice 15 days prior to the end of the month for it to take effect before the 1st of the following month. This notice serves as an essential step to initiate the cancellation process and can be submitted through email to your property management team or through an online service ticket. By requiring written notice, Magnum York aims to uphold clear communication and offer clients a straightforward procedure for managing their payment preferences. This practice also ensures that cancellations are executed accurately and promptly, reflecting our commitment to delivering a seamless and efficient experience for all our clients.

2. Online Payments (Zego, powered by Paylease)

Magnum York empowers its clients with the convenience of modern property management through their innovative online portal, MYCustomerWebAccess. This platform offers our clients the flexibility to effortlessly manage their condo fees or rent payments independently. With options to make both one-time payments and establish recurring payments, individuals can be responsible for their own payments. Whether using a credit or debit card or your banking information, the portal ensures secure and seamless transactions. Notably, Magnum York prioritizes the privacy and security of its client’s financial information, as we neither access nor store any banking details. For added control, clients can independently update their banking information or even halt payments within the portal, granting them autonomy over their financial management.

Payments through the customer portal are the complete responsibility of the Magnum York client. Magnum York will not be able to make adjustments to online payments on a clients’ behalf. Fees associated with this process are paid to the 3rd party provider and can not be refunded or waived by Magnum York

Download the manual to see other benefits of creating an account through your customer portal –

PAP and online payments are two distinct payment methods

These two distinct payment avenues, PAP and online transactions, each require specific steps for clients to navigate effectively. Should a client opt for an exclusive transition to online payments, it becomes imperative to initiate the cancellation of their existing PAP arrangement with Magnum York. Conversely, if the intent is to enroll in PAP, meticulous attention must be given to deactivating the auto-pay feature within the online portal, which is controlled by the account holder, to mitigate the potential for duplicated payments. Adhering to these procedural nuances ensures a streamlined and accurate payment experience.

What about other online payments?

As a RECA registered brokerage we hold our client’s funds in trust accounts. The accounting and transaction rules for these accounts, while evolving, are strict. Currently we are not able to accept payments via e-transfer or any other online payment platforms or apps for many of the same reasons we are not able to process cash payments.

In conclusion, Magnum York provides clients with the flexibility of choosing between two separate yet equally convenient payment methods: Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP) and online payments via our dedicated customer portal. Recognizing the diverse preferences of our clients, we offer these options to accommodate their individual needs and payment routines. Whether opting for the automated consistency of PAP or the user-controlled ease of online payments, Magnum York remains committed to ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for every client.

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