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Magnum York Rent Manager Case Study Property Management Software Technology

At Magnum York, we view our technology as a competitive advantage. At its heart, property management is a people business. People working with people. The key to success is using technology to ensure great customer experience, to facilitate communication and collaboration, to provide transparency AND to streamline processes.

We’ve invested a lot of time and brainpower into customizing Rent Manager over the last ten years, and it’s at the core of our technology stack, integrated into several other applications. Rent Manager is a great software partner; we are tickled they wrote an article about us!

Click here to read the article on the Rent Manager website

What’s software without the users that master it and the businesses that it enhances? We are always thrilled to learn of the innovative ways that our customers streamline processes and develop creative solutions through Rent Manager. This month, Magnum York Property Management spoke with us about the ways in which Rent Manager’s accounting features and open API platform enabled them to grow their operation and completely customize the software to their business needs.

Rent Manager

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