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Resident safety continues to be Magnum York's #1 Property Management Priority

It’s hard to believe just 19 months ago, we were blissfully unaffected by COVID-19. As we continue to get used to our “new normal”, it is essential to remind ourselves how important it is to remain safe during these unprecedented times. Here at Magnum York, the safety of the residents in the 750+ buildings we manage across Alberta remains our #1 Property Management priority.

We encourage all residents to visit our previous blog regarding our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, which you can always refer back to for continuous updates.

Do I have to wear a mask in the common areas of my building?

As we all know, a new By-Law was put into effect on August 1st which impacts most of Alberta. This mandate requires that masks are to be worn in all indoor public spaces and public vehicles, including public transit.

It is, however, not a legal requirement for residents to wear a mask inside the common areas of their residential building. If physical distance cannot be maintained, such as in the elevators, it is encouraged to wear a mask or wait until the elevator is free.

What do I do about the high touch areas in my building?

Although the transmission of the virus through surfaces is not “the main mode of transmission” according to Emanuel Goldman, Professor of Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Genetics at the New Jersey Medical School, we understand the concerns surrounding the high touch areas in the shared spaces of buildings. These can include elevator buttons, front door handles, and garbage room doors, to name a few. Below are a few options to lower the risk of coming in contact with these areas.

Option 1: Sanitizer
If public hand sanitizer is not available in these areas, we suggest residents keep a travel-sized alcohol-based sanitizer bottle (greater than 60% alcohol content) with them at all times to use after being in contact with these areas.

Option 2: Avoid Using Your Hands
If possible and safe to do so, it is encouraged that residents use their elbow to press the elevator button or open doors instead of their hands.

Option 3: Wash Your Hands
If residents are touching these high touch areas on their way to their home, then they need to ensure to wash their hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap.

Remember: Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth after touching any common area surface.

Will residents be aware of active cases in the building?

Due to privacy concerns, we cannot disclose this information, and honestly, we may never be informed. We strongly discourage residents from reporting possible cases to us but instead visit the Alberta website on tips on what to do if you suspect a COVID-19 case in the building.

Is your office open to the public again?

At this time, our offices across Alberta remain closed to the public. However, we are still dedicated to supporting and managing all properties with exceptional service. We encourage residents to use MYCustomerWebAccess for online access to their accounts. Here residents can submit service requests (and track them), update contact information, view transaction history, and make online payments. For ease of access, residents can also complete service requests using our online form.

Magnum York desktop screen of MYCustomerWebAccess

How do I make a payment in your office?

As mentioned, our offices are still closed to the public however, there are a few options to make rent or condominium fee payments that don’t involve going into one of our Magnum York offices.

  1. Pre-Authorized Payments (PAP)
    Rent/condo fees will be withdrawn from your account on the 1st of every month. Residents will need to fill in a form with a void cheque for our accounting team to have this set up. Residents can reach out to their Property Management team to request the form.

    Note: We need to receive PAP forms at least 7 business days before the 1st day of the month to allow for processing.

  2. Online Payments
    Simply create an account through Rent Track to make online payments using a credit card or EFT (electronic funds transfer) from your bank account.

    Note: We cannot accept bank to bank email transfers.

  3. Cheques
    Residents can mail a cheque to our office. Ensuring they write their unit number and address in the memo so that we can deposit the cheque correctly.

    Note: Due to Covid-19, postage may be delayed. It is the responsibility of the residents to allow enough time for their cheques to arrive in our office. Late fees may still apply if cheques are received after the 1st day of the month.

Follow your Government Guidelines

When in doubt about how to protect yourself and keep safe during this pandemic, we ask that you continue to follow Alberta’s COVID-19 response.

Covid-19 Alberta Government Information to Help Relaunch Safely
Always ensure you follow the Alberta Government’s prevention tips. Visit for more detailed information.

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