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Smart Decision Making: Five Tips for Condo Boards-3815

It takes a unique individual to serve on the condo board. The kind of person who cares about the world around them and is willing to shoulder responsibility to make life better, not just for themselves, but for others as well. Along with the responsibilities comes the increased knowledge and ability to be proactive about making needed changes rather than just complaining. The following tips can help any board member regardless of their condo association size or how long they have been on a board.

So without further ado, the top 5 tips for Smart Condo Board Decision Making!

Know the Bylaws Thoroughly

Many members of the condo association fail to understand that board members are subject to all the decisions of the board and must adhere to all bylaws. Bylaws are there for a reason and understanding them fully is essential for any board member. Bill 9 recently underwent some changes in Alberta and it’s important to keep up to date. Take a look at the bill overview or read the entire bill here.

Stand by Board Decisions

In your position, you can expect negative feedback and at least some of the blame. Even if something is beyond your control, you must always maintain consensus among members to avoid undermining the board’s authority. Be on the same page and talk about the issues, NOT about a fellow member and his viewpoint you may not agree with.

Be Organized and Keep Written Records

Keeping written records of your meetings and the topics that are discussed is important for many reasons. It helps keep you on track from meeting to meeting, as well as verifying and confirming important statements and facts. For instance, while contemplating various quotes from service providers over several meetings, your written records will assist in keeping you organized with the current information, prices and/or performance. These records will also be valuable if you should be required to explain your reasons for the decisions made.

Listen Respectfully, be Decisive

Members of the condo association will want to contact you anytime they have something on their mind or just want to vent. It is best to establish guidelines for when you will be available and in the proper mindset to hear their concerns. You can communicate more politely and decisively when you are not caught off guard.

Reevaluate strategies regularly

Just as equipment and buildings need to be updated periodically, your methods and strategies should be routinely evaluated for their efficiency and effectiveness. Schedule a regular time on the meeting calendar to discuss and make any needed procedural changes.

As condo board members, you are tasked with making business decisions that effect the entire association. You have made a commitment because you understand the importance of the position and do not take it lightly.

It is a courageous decision and you deserve a great deal of respect for your good judgement and ability to communicate important issues effectively. Always remember that. It may slip the mind of fellow residents occasionally, but that does not make it any less true.

Five Tips for Condo Boards

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