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Customer Surveys are a wonderful way to look at our business in 360 degrees. As of October 2020, we are kicking off our new Customer Survey program.

Our Survey Is Short. But It Matters.

We ask that everyone participate in our survey … it’s the one chance we get to hear from many people in your property vs. just a few. The surveys are not long, but they are important for us to hear you.

There are 2 types of surveys we’ll be running:

  • “Experience” … Longer Customer Satisfaction surveys for one of our 3 client types: Condominiums, Rental, and Commercial. We’ll also be doing satisfaction surveys for trades and vendors. These surveys will be sent to groups of customers as required and directed throughout the year. 
  • “Pulse” … MYCustomerCare Shorter Customer Transactional surveys. These are triggered automatically in our MYCustomerCare system. They are randomly sent to single individuals to rate their experience with a single transaction with us or a vendor. For example, when a renter moves into an apartment (i.e. we enter a date into our system and it triggers a survey) or when an MYCustomerCare ticket service issue is closed.

Condominium Relationship Surveys

For our condominium clients, both the boards and owners will be receiving your surveys in the next few months. We’re scheduling the survey’s, so if you don’t receive yours right away, stay tuned.

If there is a specific need for your property to have a survey right away, just let your Property Manager know that your property would like to participate sooner rather than later.

Transparency Of Survey Results

We will be circling back with Condo Boards and Owners with the aggregated results of the survey responses for your property.

Thanks for your participation.

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