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Magnum York Tenants Stay With us for Over Three Years

A potential client contacted us and asked a variety of questions most of which are pretty standard but she asked one question we haven’t heard before.  How long do the tenants rent from you?  We knew we had some really long term tenants but what was the average, no one knew.

With the help of our property management software we were able to pull data from 2006 to current.  Province wide including past and current tenants lease with us for 2.5 years.  If you look at just current tenants that lease with us, that average does up to 3.4 years.

We also did the calculation by city

City Past/Current Current
Fort McMurray 1.0 1.3
Edmonton 3.2 4.6
Red Deer 2.3 3.8
Calgary 1.8 1.8
Province Wide 2.5 3.4

*All numbers are in years

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