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Coming Home is a lifestyle magazine and an online media destination for homeowners. As community living experts, the team made it their mission to create engaging, actionable, and clever content that helps make coming home each day a little—or a lot—better. The fall 2023 issue is now available for a free download!

“Autumn foliage and celebrations are everything this season is about. It’s the coziest time of the year, just like our fall issue. Centred around the theme of enrichment, we believe that every moment we experience in the fall is transformative and an opportunity to learn. “

Coming Home – Fall 2023

Download your FREE copy of Coming Home – Fall 2023 here!

Here’s a look at some of the fun from the magazine:  

Snacks That Score (P. 12)  

Making mouthwatering concoctions for your game day parties is easier than ever with these three recipes. Choose your favorite or make all three to satisfy everyone’s tastebuds! Get ready to dazzle your guests with these culinary creations that’ll have them cheering for both the game and your cooking skills. 

Football 101 (P. 14)  

Being that one friend who can explain each play as the quarters go by is a skill! Get ahead of the football season by learning the basics of the game, objectives, positions, rules, and penalties. Increase your football IQ and make this season a touchdown of enjoyment.  

Autumn Adventures (P. 16)  

Making plans and coming up with weekend activities can be draining (we get it)! That’s why we’ve compiled 99 things to do with the whole family this fall. From matching flannel shirt photoshoots to doing a good deed on National Kindness Day—we guarantee you won’t be bored.  

Enrich Your Fall with Coming Home  

Just like our fall issue, this season is a journey of enrichment. From lively state fairs to scrumptious snacks, our magazine captures the joy of fall. Unveil football’s jargon, embark on your next weekend trip to the mountains, and cherish moments that reshape you. Let this issue be your guide to savouring enriching encounters this season!

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