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Top Condo Security Tips for Properties in Alberta-3953

A multifamily community can provide residents a sense of safety and security that they might not have in a single family dwelling. Condo and rental property neighbors live in close quarters. They can look out for one another and offer mutual support during a crisis. Hence this post on top condo security tips for your property. With any large community, there are bound to be ongoing safety and security issues.

Fortunately, you can minimize the problems by evaluating the exposures ahead of time and implementing preventive solutions.

Top Condo Security Tips: Managing your Property

Your community’s security review is a risk management task, a process of deciding what’s important and finding solutions. A dedicated group of property managers, condo board members, or community residents can accomplish the risk management process by breaking it down into four simple steps.

  • Identify – Examine safety and security risks on the property.
  • Analyze – Determine which risks may generate negative consequences.
  • Decide – Figure out the steps to handle issues that require attention.
  • Implement – Put your solutions into effect.

Building and Condo Risk Management

Some security and safety issues are directly related to building upkeep and maintenance. Inadequate or inoperable lighting, broken door or window locks and easily compromised entryways are an invitation to criminals and vandals. Unguarded parking structures may offer easy admittance to resident elevators and upper floors. Lower level units can be easily accessed. These issues require ongoing awareness and attention.

  • Upgrade lighting to deter criminal activity. Immediately replace blown bulbs and broken fixtures.
  • Consider a security system to monitor building interior and exterior.
  • Allow residents to report safety/security issues 24/7 via the internet or digital device.
  • Install deadbolts in common areas. Make them an option for resident’s doors.
  • Install sliding glass door security bars.
  • Maintain a regular inspection schedule to detect unreported security problems.

Visitor Risks to your Condominium

Visitors can present a range of potential risks. Uninvited visitors roaming the hallways could be criminals in search of an easy target. Invited guests can cause a social occasion to slip out of control, disrupting an otherwise peaceful environment. Intoxicated visitors may cause injury or property damage. Condo boards and property managers can’t necessarily prohibit visitors, but you can establish visitor rules and restrictions that promote safety and security for all residents.

  • No resident shall allow a stranger to enter the building under any circumstances.
  • While entering the garage, be aware out for uninvited visitors attempting entry.
  • Use door peepholes to screen all visitors.
  • Meet all guests and delivery persons at the main entrance.
  • Residents will be legally responsible for any guest’s actions while on the premises.
  • Parties are allowed only in reserved common rooms.
  • Residents should discourage guest intoxication and promote and enforce zero tolerance for illegal drugs on the premises.

Resident Rental Risks

Condo residents are an important key to community safety and security. If they don’t implement board-issued rules and restrictions, they won’t work. It’s important that residents understand the benefits to be gained and the potential problems set into motion when they fail to comply. The board can develop options that encourage residents to actively promote condo safety and security.

  • Host an annual resident safety meeting to introduce neighbors to one another and discuss security risks and solutions.
  • Promote neighbor-to-neighbor communication as a means of establishing a safer community.

Unoccupied Suite: Asset Management

Because there are no residents to notice or report safety and security issues, a vacant unit can be a prime target for a criminals, trespassers, or even animals. Vacant units are at risk for fire, vandalism and other damaging activities.

Maintenance workers should inspect vacant units regularly. Community neighbours should pay close attention to any activity in a vacant unit and report safety and security issues immediately.

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