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RentTrack Online Payments Video Magnum York Online Payments System better credit report



Here is a video from our online payment processor – RentTrack. Enjoy and let us know what you think!


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Before RentTrack, building a positive credit history used to mean taking on debt. Not anymore! You deserve better credit for all those on-time rent payments, too. Now, when you pay rent online through RentTrack, we report it to the credit bureaus — so you can get the credit you deserve and help build your credit history. Contact Magnum York for more information or visit our Online Payments Page:




Transcript from the above video:

I want to let you in on a secret. Only 1% of renters know about this. Each of these apartments I’ve lived in. This one, I loved in. This one, I ate breakup food in. Some were pretty good. Some, some not so good. But this is basically an example of my responsible rental history. I pay my rent on time, every time. But I don’t get any credit for it. Literally, my credit score has been slowly shrinking, because I refuse to take those ugly credit card offers. I needed another option to improve my credit and finally get ahead. In this apartment, this guy told me about RentTrack. They report my rent payments as a real trade line and my landlord doesn’t have to do a thing, so every responsible payment I’ve made gets reported to all three credit bureaus and it builds my credit. They even back-reported two years of my old payments. That’s the secret. This is me life hacking, and this is me getting on with my life. I’m finally getting the credit I deserve.

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