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Back in November 2011, we switched account software from Yardi Genesis to Rent Manager.  Rent Manager had many features we were very excited about but too many to implement immediately.  The features around the website especially the web portal was especially exciting.  We implemented the web portal within months of moving to Rent Manager, it was a common request from our owners and I think it is the feature we get the most comments on.  If you are one of our owners and want access contact us and we will send you your password.

We recently implemented another web feature, online rental vacancies.  The vacancy list now pulls the list of available properties directly from Rent Manager.  In the past we had a separate spreadsheet that would update the website and at times it was forgotten about especially if when we had lots of turn around that month.  With the new system as soon as we receive notice from a tenant, the website updates itself.

Have a look for yourself:

In addition to having Vacancies Updated Automatically, there are still more features in Rent Manager that we are learning to use and will be implementing in the future.  Stay tuned.

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