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Magnum York Web Portal Recap

Magnum York recently hosted a zoom webinar, which offered a virtual guide on how to use our online web portals to their full advantage. This webinar benefits all of our clients across all divisions of Magnum York, including future clients, our rental tenants, investment owners, condo owners, and Board of Directors.

We have two online portals available to our clients:

  • MYCustomerWebAccess – Online access for Condominium Owners and Rental Tenants
    • “I pay Magnum York Condominium fees” or,
    • “I pay Magnum York Rent”
  • MYWebPortal – Online access for Condominium Boards and Investments Owners.
    • “I am on a Board of Directors for a Condominium Managed by Magnum York” or,
    • “Magnum York sends me Owner Payments”

How Do You Access The Online Portals?

Both online portals can be accessed through our Magnum York website. On the very top tab of the home page, you will find a link that says “Magnum Web Portal”. The direct link can be found here: You will then click on the portal that best suits which type of Magnum York client you are.

To sign up to the portal initially, you will need your Magnum York account number. If you do not know your account number, you can submit an online service ticket and a member of our team will provide it to you:


MYCustomerWebAccess is an online portal for Condominium owners in a property managed by Magnum York, or rental tenants in a unit that is managed by Magnum York. This portal allows clients to:

  • View and edit their profile information
  • View charges on their accounts
  • View the history of charges and payments on their accounts (this function is useful to investors for tax purposes)
  • Ability to make online payments
  • View notes on their account
  • Track and submit service tickets
  • Community calendar
  • View documents relating to the property (Board meeting minutes, Condominium Bylaws, forms, applications, etc.)

How do I make a payment online, using MYCustomerWebAccess?

MYCustomerWebAccess accepts online payments via credit card, debit card, or EFT. Making an online payment can be convenient for those one-time charges, such as booking an elevator or purchasing a new key, fob, or parking pass. Alternatively, if you are not set up on PAP (pre-authorized payments) and would prefer to pay condo fees or rent online using a credit card, debit card, or EFT, this can also be completed in the portal.

Please note: If you are already set up for monthly auto-withdrawls of rent or condo fees through PAP, do not make a payment of those fees through the portal without canceling your PAP first. If you make an online payment and are still set up through PAP, you may be charged twice.

Tutorial: How to make an online payment using MYCustomerWebAccess

How Do I set up automatic recurring payments through MYCustomerWebAccess?

If clients would like to pay their rent or condo fees through the online portal each month, this can be set up as a recurring payment. This will allow the payments to be automatically withdrawn each month, instead of having to make a manual payment.

Please note: If you are already set up for monthly auto-withdraws of rent or condo fees through PAP, do not make a payment of those fees through the portal without canceling your PAP first. If you make an online payment and are still set up through PAP, you may be charged twice.

Tutorial: How to set up recurring payments through MYCustomerWebAccess

How Do I Create a Service Ticket using MYCustomerWebAccess?

Service tickets are an essential tool for all Magnum York clients to use and can be generated and tracked directly from MYCustomerWebAccess. Service requests can include the need to book an elevator for a move in/out, a maintenance issue, questions about your account, or needing to order condominium documents. Once a service ticket is submitted, it will be assigned to someone in the Magnum York team to resolve. Once resolved, the client will receive an email, letting them know the ticket has been resolved.

Tutorial: How to Create and Track a Service Ticket using MYCustomerWebAccess

What is the Community Calendar in MYCustomerWebAccess?

The community calendar is a new feature to MYCustomerWebAccess where residents can see events scheduled for their properties, such as parkade cleaning. Since it is a new feature, not all properties have adapted to using the community calendar. Board members and investment owners are encouraged to speak to their Property Manager about implementing this feature.

Example: Community Calendar in MYCustomerWebAccess

Can Clients Sign Documents through MYCustomerWebAccess?

The documents to sign function does not typically effect condominium owners however, it is a beneficial tool for Magnum York’s rental tenants. Documents may include a lease renewal to sign or a move in report to sign. When a document is added, the client will receive an email indicating that a document needs to be signed within the online portal. This document can then be signed and submitted online, within MYCustomerWebAccess.

What Documents are available through MYCustomerWebAccess?

Many property/community specific documents can be found on the “documents” tab inside MYCustomerWebAccess. These documents can include pet applications, condominium bylaws, Board meeting minutes etc. relating to each client’s property.

Example: Documents within MYCustomerWebAccess

Can I update my contact information through MYCustomerWebAccess?

Absolutely! On the main dashboard, there is a dropdown arrow on the top right of the home screen. There you will find a dropdown for user profile and account information to edit and update.

Tutorial: How to update contact information through MYCustomerWebPortal

Click Here MYCustomerWebAccess Manual


MYWebPortal is an online portal for Condominium Board members and Investment Owners of Magnum York. This portal allows you to:

  • View detailed vendor bills received
  • View payment status on bills
  • See a complete listing of notes and service issues documented for the property
  • Filter and view over 15 customizable financial reports, including:
    • Cash Flow
    • Balance Sheets
    • Profit & Loss Statements
    • General Ledger
    • Move-in/ Move-out reports, and much more

What Bills Can Investment Owners or Board Members view on MYWebPortal?

Under the “bills” tab in MYWebPortal will be a list of bills that have been received by Magnum York for the clients’ specific property. The details of each bill can be viewed by clicking on the invoice. Investors or Board Members can then see the invoice number, amount, bill date, if the bill has been paid as well as the ability to view the bill itself.

Magnum York scans each bill into the system as they are received, so as soon as a bill is received, it will be available to view in MYWebPortal in real time. The bill can be viewed under “attachments” once the bill has been selected.

Where Can I view Cheques Paid?

Under the “Check” tab in MYWebPortal, all the cheque payments can be viewed. Investors and Board Members will be able to see the reference number, payment date, payee as well as the amount paid.

Can Investment Owners view Owner Distributions through MYWebPortal?

Yes! These can be found under the “Owner Distributions” tab in MYWebPortal. Investors will see a list of all the disbursements sent by Magnum York, including the property, reference number, date, and amount.

Investor owners can also make contributions through MYWebPortal if needed. This can be done under the “make contributions” tab. Payments can be made through EFT or credit card.

Can all property-related service issues be viewed in MYWebPortal?

Of course. Under the “service issues” tab in MYWebPortal, investors and board members will be able to see a list of all service issues submitted by owners or tenants, relating to the specific property. A service ticket can be clicked on to get more details on the issue, as well as if the issue has been resolved. This allows for transparency, as well as providing a better understanding of what is happening in and around the property.

What Financial Reports can be viewed in MYWebPortal?

There are many financial reports that investors and board members can access through MYWebPortal. A few examples include vacancy reports, profit and loss statements, bills paid, etc. Each report can be filtered to be specific dates and can be exported out of MYWebPortal in the form of an excel spreadsheet, PDF, or CSV file.

Tutorial: How to view financial reports in MYWebPortal

Click Here MYWebPortal Manual

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