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Magnum York recently hosted the much-anticipated webinar with Brad Longeway of Serv-It Tenant Default and Bailiff Services. Brad and his team provide a wealth of knowledge, experience, and assistance when dealing with difficult tenancies.

Brad has been a bailiff since 2006 and joined Serv-it at that time. He has gathered experience from handling some of the best and worst cases in the industry.  Brad enjoys educating landlords because it distracts him from the negativity of the industry.

In Alberta, two major documents govern the tenant-landlord relationship: the RTA (Residential Tenancies Act) and the RTA Ministerial Regulation. Most of the issues that end up in RTDRS (The Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service) pertain to either one of these.

To protect oneself, it is of utmost importance that the contractual agreement between the landlord and the tenant, the lease, be clear and concise. It should very clearly detail the tenants’ responsibilities, from maintenance and utilities to parking, as well as the restrictions on pets, businesses, extra occupants, etc. It is good practice to have the tenant review and initial these. For landlord’s it is best to have your professional management company prepare the lease and attend to its execution.

In Alberta, we are fortunate to have more than one type of tenancy: fixed-term and month-to-month. A fixed term is the most recommended as it has a definitive end, whereas month-to-month restricts your ability to evict and you could lose leverage if the relationship deteriorates.

As always, if there is conflicting information between the lease and the Act, the Act always prevails.

Conduct inspections to protect your property and tenancy. When something is not right, always start with an inspection. After the inspection, it is best to follow up with written findings. Address any issues or concerns with the tenant, allow a specific time to comply, and reinspect. Defining cleanliness is a fine line. Concern begins when the property is kept in a way that is causing damage, luring pests, being a fire hazard, etc. Clutter is just clutter unless it meets the damage criteria.

Documentation and paper trails are key for enforcing or terminating tenancies. Hearing officers look for clear, good information and proof of an attempt to remedy. The burden of proof is always on the person filing. You must also show consistency in the tenancy.

Being a landlord can be difficult. Knowing your rights and responsibilities will make this a little easier. Know the RTA and the RTA Ministerial Regulations. Have good, accurate, and precise documents. When and if things should turn in the wrong direction, know that Serv-It is there to help. Look for a Property Management company to assist you with your rental. Magnum York relies on Brad and his team on the rare occasions when things go wrong with our tenancies. They are subject matter experts and provide an invaluable service.

There are experts in the field for a reason. Saving time and getting your asset rentable again ultimately saves you money.

Magnum York is a full service management company. We handle condo management and have a full service rental division. We are experts in our field and ready to assist you at any time.

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