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Magnum York First Point of Contact

Managing a condominium association or a rental property is no easy task. It is a time-consuming commitment, full of legal obligations, which can become costly if not taken care of properly. This is why a professional property management company is hired to manage the daily operations of a condo association or a rental unit.

At Magnum York, your property is directly managed by a dedicated team (a.k.a “POD”). This POD is comprised of a Property Manager, Property Administrator, and a Property Bookkeeper.

Licensed property management is there as the main point of contact for issues, concerns, questions, or complaints. Together with our after hours service center, your Magnum York POD can triage concerns and address them in priority sequence.

Condo owners and rental tenants (for units managed by Magnum York), should be reaching out to Magnum York as their first point of contact, rather than the Board of Directors or the owner of their unit. Adding extra layers of contact can sometimes cause delays and time can be crucial in emergency situations.

Being on the Board of Directors is a volunteer position. It is a time-consuming role that can be very demanding, which is why a management company is hired to take care of the day-to-day tasks. To ensure the Board spends their time effectively, all communication should come directly to Magnum York. By contacting us, you are helping your Board.

The most effective way to submit a service request is online. This can be done through our online web portal – MYCustomerWebAccess or through this direct link: By going through the online web portal, you can directly track the progress of your submitted ticket. For more about MYCustomerWebAccess, visit our webinar recap: Webinar Recap: A Guide to Better, Faster Service & Reporting – Web Portal Training. Your Board can also track service tickets.

90% of online service tickets can be addressed immediately by Magnum York. This frees up the time of the Board of Directors to focus on the operations of the corporation, which in turn benefits all.

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