To AGM Or Not To AGM, That Is The Question (for Condo Corporations)

Most Alberta Condo Corporations are due for an Annual General Meeting, but the guidelines for doing so safely during the province’s COVID response are very unclear. While AGMs are required by law for corporations, it may make sense to simply cancel this year’s AGM if there is nothing to vote on. On April 9th, early in the Alberta Pandemic response, the government suspended the requirement for AGMs, as well as “the ability of a unit owner to compel a Special […]

Erick Dillman Commercial Division Property Management

Magnum York’s expanding Commercial Property Management Division welcomes Erick Dillmann

Magnum York Property Management Ltd. is thrilled to announce the onboarding of Erick Dillman as the Vice President of our Commercial & Industrial Division. Erick joins the executive team with over 12 years of wealth, knowledge, and experience in the real estate industry. As a former Director of Facilities Services, he has overseen the operations of over 12 million square feet of commercial and special use real estate across Alberta, transitioning high profile buildings such as the Jubilee Auditoriums and […]

Magnum York Bank Decision in Your Favour

Bulletin: Reduced Banking Service Fees for Magnum York Client Business Accounts

Magnum York has negotiated reduced Scotiabank Bank Service Fees for all our client business accounts that are held in trust. Up To 40% Off Scotiabank Service Fees For Condo Corporation Clients Due to the size of our cumulative funds held in trust across Alberta, Magnum York continues to aggressively work with Scotiabank, our financial institution, to negotiate better service fees, interest rates, and included services for our clients’ business accounts. We are happy to announce a reduction in the service […]

Magnum York Olds Office

Out With The “Old” And In With New… Office Move in Olds!

Our Magnum York Olds office provides professional service with a personal touch and supports properties in Carstairs, Didsbury, Sundre, and surrounding areas in Central Alberta. With Ginny Davis, our superstar Property Manager/Associate leading the team in Olds, we are excited to announce we have moved into a new office space. Moving Downstairs Into Bigger Space to Better Serve Central Alberta You can find us located in the same building, Lone Pine Center (4911 51 Ave  Box 4062), now on the […]

Resident safety continues to be Magnum York's #1 Property Management Priority

Resident Safety Continues To Be Magnum York’s #1 Property Management Priority As Pandemic Continues

It’s hard to believe just 5 months ago, we were blissfully unaffected by COVID-19. As we continue to get used to our “new normal”, it is essential to remind ourselves how important it is to remain safe during these unprecedented times. Here at Magnum York, the safety of the residents in the 750+ buildings we manage across Alberta remains our #1 Property Management priority. We encourage all residents to visit our previous blog regarding our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, […]

How Do We Run An Effective Condo Board Meeting?

Since running a Condo Board meeting can be a tricky affair, we have broken it down with our list of 7 helpful tips on how you can run an effective Board meeting to ensure the process is smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. Being a Condominium Board member makes for a thankless role that’s not always easy. Board members typically don’t get paid, are expected to make no mistakes, and have to quickly become informed experts on topics they may have never […]

Bored board members and anxious tenants during social distancing

Bored Boards, Anxious Tenants, and Poop On The Lawn During COVID-19

“Flattening The Curve” for Property Management Compared to last November to April 30th, 2020, Magnum York has seen an astounding 42% increase in emails coming into our office and a similar increase in phone calls. As the fatigue of social distancing sets in, at Magnum York, we’ve noticed some trends in the property management business that we thought we’d share. A 42% increase in service requests is something we have been managing very carefully. Our triage means that some items […]

Covid-Virus with coins representing cash flow management during a crisis

How do I find out the current delinquent status of unpaid rent or condo fees for my property? [VIDEO]

Even at the best of times, cash flow management is key to the success of any business and investment. During crises like COVID-19, it’s even more important to establish good cash flow practices. From Magnum York’s analysis, in the first two tough months of the pandemic crisis, we’ve experienced a less-than-expected slight increase in defaults for tenant rent and condo fee collections. Investors and condo boards that have put aside our recommended three-months operating cash savings should be able to […]

Using electronic signatures on property management contracts and forms

How do I sign my signature electronically on PDFs in Adobe and Microsoft Word DOCs? [VIDEO]

Working remotely brings a whole set of challenges for organizations that have gotten used to conducting business using paper agreements & contracts. Fortunately, the online world of virtual workers has created many solutions for virtual signatures. Like you, we deal with a lot of online documents for agreements, vendor contracts, bank contracts and letters and such in our business. Since all of our board meetings & interactions with clients have moved to online video & phone conferencing, we’re encouraging all […]