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Calgary Real Estate Nearing Seller’s Market

Calgary Real Estate Nearing Seller’s Market Real estate is approaching a seller’s market in Calgary, according to a new report on the potential of a national housing bubble. Find out more, click on the link below.

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CMHC Hikes Mortgage Insurance Premiums

CMHC Hikes Mortgage Insurance Premiums There is an increase in the insurance premium but the increase is small enough it should effect too many people when purchasing a property with less then the 20% down. “Prior to the announcement, the premiums ranged between 0.5 per cent and 2.75 per cent. Under the new rules, they will range from 0.6 per cent to 3.15 per cent.” To read more about this article, click on the following link:       […]

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Magnum York Opens Mars Office

  In the future this might be a real announcement but for now I can only dream. I have been following this story for a couple of months. It is truly amazing that we are this close to sending people to Mars. Mars settlement: Science prof among 75 Canadians in 1st cut.

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Doggy DNA database lets condos track repeat offenders

Doggy DNA database lets condos track repeat offenders When I first saw this headline I couldn’t help but laugh. After reading the article and the company’s website, I can see how this would solve some issues around dog poo issues on properties. I can’t imagine a city wide program but per property program would work especially if you are having issues with dog poo not being cleaned up.

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The Cold is Coming! Prepare your Property

The Cold is Coming! Prepare your Property With winter fast approaching there are many things to prepare in your home or rental property. Alberta winters can wreak havoc on our pipes, windows and many other areas of a home. Right now is the perfect time to start your preparations. Anything from a professional check up on your heating system to new windows can save you a ton of money and stress during the cold nights to come. You spend a […]

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Repairs vs. Improvements

  While trolling the internet for interesting topics to include in my monthly newsletter, I came across an article on repairs vs. improvements. Depending on what style of investor you are, you may be more prone to one than the other. A repair is necessary for something to continue functioning. If your property is professionally managed then this is something your Property Manager would inform you needs to be done.  In some cases, if a needed repair is not completed […]

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Alberta Real Estate: What’s really going to happen?

  I came across this article from Don Campbell, the President of the Real Estate Investment Network™, and Cutting Edge Research Inc. in Business Edge paper May 6 edition.  It explains the future of the Alberta Real Estate market and the theory applies to every market in the world. You can find the article on the archive section ( of Business Edge, May 6, 2011 and on Page 23 of the PDF. Also a similar post from Don Campbell can be found […]

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New Rules on Mortgages in Canada

  Today the Minister of Finance announced new rules on mortgages in Canada.  In my opinion, most home owners are not effected, some investors will be. Read here the official release: Read here some excellent commentary: