• Developers


Magnum York works with Developers for a smooth transition to owners

As a developer, you have certain expectations and often run into certain problems such as communication with owners. Magnum York will take care of it all. We work hard to make sure there are seamless transitions at each stage of development AND ensure communication with owners, vendors and the construction company.

Along with communication, we aim to support you in any way possible. We honestly represent developers and will let you know if there is anything that needs to be fixed or repaired. We work with vendors and get it done. Our end goal is to make the property owners happy which in turn makes you happy. Let us take a load off your shoulders!

What else do we provide developers? Extreme value such as:

  • Magnum will curate requests and send one summary email instead of you getting 40 different ones. Consolidation is key! For example, when the owners start to move into their properties we may see a pattern of requests due to a common issue, let’s say a cabinet defect. We will pinpoint the problem, list the affected units and carry out a building-wide inspection if necessary. This way we find all the units needing cabinet replacement and get them all done at once, the tradespeople have to come in once. We reduce costs and satisfy the owner’s problems all at the same time.
  • The developer has to hand off to the property manager before anyone takes possession.
  • Have to have an AGM at 50% sold. The owner starts to own the building as the developer sells the units and then control of the board changes. Magnum York handles this transition with ease!
  • In the end, we help you where you need it most and tailor our service to your specific needs.
  • Lots of transitions from vendors and secs who fix stuff. Condo fees and bills etc. What is the best area to help the developers? Could be very different across the board.