• Condo Management Services

Condo Management Services

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In an increasingly complex world, Magnum York has established an exemplary package of services that gives you 24/7 worry-free condominium management. 100% guaranteed. We'll help your condo board focus on efficient management for now as well as preparing for the future, all the while increasing the owner's equity in their properties.

We Partner with your board

Magnum York reports and takes direction from the Board, all within the Condominium Property Act, your specific Bylaws, and the management agreement. We take the time to work with your Condo Board to facilitate a full-service condo management program. You will be able to create seamless interactions at Board meetings and Annual General Meetings (AGM's). Operating budgets and monthly financials are presented at the meetings to ensure timely information is at hand to make informed decisions. Learn about our full suite of condo management services below.

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Learn more about our Condo Services below and how Magnum York can provide you with the Advantage your board needs!

Our MYAdvantage Services:

Condo Accounting

Everyone loves math! Well...that’s not really true, let us help with the numbers for your Condo Board. Magnum York will ensure your condo accounting records are up to date:

  • Maintain all accounting records for the Corporation
  • Prepare cheques to pay financial obligations to suppliers
  • Prepare and submit monthly statements to the Board of Directors
  • Prepare and submit proposed annual operating budget to the Board of Directors
  • Collect condominium fees, special assessments and chargebacks
  • Prepare and mail delinquency notices & assessment notices
  • Arrears-recommend appropriate course of action and pursue as directed
  • Assist auditors in preparation of audited financial statement and tax returns
  • Prepare and mail yearly statements for Owners
  • Prepare Capital Reserve account recommendations for Board of Directors

Vendor & Contract Management

Magnum York assists the board in sourcing and dealing with vendors. We help you obtain service contracts for:

  • Property and building maintenance tasks
  • Common grounds maintenance
  • Snow removal around the property
  • Waste removal services for all units
  • Recycling services
  • Elevator preventative maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance on other mechanical equipment

Condo Unit Sales

We help your Condo Board with condominium sales. We give every effort to sell each unit. Our services Include the following:

  • Prepare and issue Estoppel Certificates
  • Prepare and issue pre-sale documents such as disclosure statements
  • Preparation of reserve fund statements and owner occupancy ratios
  • Maintain tenant and emergency contact info
  • Maintain and update owner contact lists

Physical Maintenance

What other maintenance tasks do we provide? Let’s start with fire safety, repairs and regular inspections. We will be sure to:
  • Arrange annual fire system inspections
  • Arrange water connection testing as required
  • Ensure all backflow systems are working as designed
  • Electrical maintenance and lighting replacement
  • Regular inspections of buildings and grounds
  • Assist the Board in making long range plans for building repairs
  • In addition to repairs, plans will be made with the Board for replacements. This includes certain structures, roofing materials, siding and windows where required.

Condominium Meetings

Magnum York assists with meetings, AGMs and distributes all necessary reporting. We keep you organized and on top of your documents:
  • Attend Board meetings to the maximum number per annum set out in the Agreement
  • Prepare and mail out notices, proxies, ballots, agendas, accounting statements and special reports for Annual General Meetings
  • Attend one Annual General Meeting of the Corporation
  • Mail out audited financials, change of address forms and any other special reports
  • Mail or e-mail minutes from the AGM to all relevant parties

Condo Insurance

Don’t like dealing with condominium insurance? Well, you won’t have to, it’s included in all our management packages. We will make sure to:

  • Arrange annual insurance replacement appraisal
  • Assist in obtaining appropriate insurance coverage in accordance with the by-laws
  • Maintain competitive rates for the insurance coverage
  • Make recommendations for additional coverage if required
  • Mail annual insurance certificates to owners

Condo Correspondence

We facilitate corresponding with your Condo Board, stay on target with Magnum York! We will assist you with the following:

  • Timely responses to owner complaints and concerns
  • Update the Board of any ongoing project or maintenance issues
  • Forward to the Board copies of all relevant external correspondence
  • Any other info needed by the Board whether by email, phone or in person.

Condominium Bylaws

By-laws vary between cities, towns and jurisdictions. Magnum York helps the Board stay on top of current laws and any upcoming changes:

  • Assist the Board in its By-law review and recommending possible changes
  • Assist in obtaining legal advice for any relevant by-law changes
  • Assist in obtaining owner compliance with by-laws, rules and regulations in accordance with said by-laws.
  • Ensure condo policies are in accordance with local by-laws
  • Other by-law communications with the Board where required