• Three Ways We Help Condo Boards

Three Ways We Help Condo Boards

Magnum York MYAdvantage Logo 24/7 worry free condo managementThree ways Magnum York will help your condo board succeed

1 – Magnum York Helps Condo Boards Financially

We are interested in saving you money, and the fact our bank pays less than 2.1% on your idle operating funds benefits you directly. We have a further interest in your money as we save big for you on insurance! Our buying power allows us to get some of the lowest rates in Alberta due to the fact the majority of our properties are insured with the same broker. In general, we think about costs and aim to keep them low wherever possible. Cost-conscious is the name of the game!

2 – Magnum York Helps Your Team Work

Continuity and Teamwork:
A Property Manager, an Administrative Assistant, and a Property Accountant will be assigned to your property.

Best Practices of an Efficient Board:
We’ve seen it all. Your property manager will work with you to build a world-class board and run efficient meetings.

Knowledge & Expertise:   Magnum York has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and is active in continuing education through the Calgary Condominium Institute.

3 – Magnum York Helps you Plan

Planning not only for today but for the future!

Prudent planning:
Magnum York provides both day-to-day maintenance as well as helping to build a sustainable plan for the future, include reserve management for emergencies.

Focus on your business:
As a business owner we want you to focus on just that, your business. Let us focus on managing your space and remembering to change your light bulbs.

Peace of Mind:
Magnum York is a long-term member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta (RECA).  This membership requires adherence to strict rules related to trust accounts and trust funds.


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