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Worry Free Condo Programs

Magnum York MYAdvantage Logo 24/7 worry free condo managementLooking for a worry-free condo management program?

Magnum York takes the time to work with your Condo Board. Our goal is to facilitate a full-service condo management program. You will be able to create seamless interactions at board meetings and Annual General Meetings (AGM’s). Operating budgets and monthly financials are presented at the meetings to ensure timely information is at hand to make informed decisions.

Alberta Based Since 1992

The Condo Management program will allow the Board to stay in compliance with the Alberta Condominium Act, and your specific condo bylaws. Magnum York is a member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta that ensures adherence to strict rules related to trust accounts and trust funds. Currently, we manage over $2 Billion in properties. The continual growth of this number is a testament to Magnum’s service focus.

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Magnum York reports and takes direction from the Board, all within the Condominium Property Act, your specific Bylaws, and the Management Agreement.

Excellent financials are the cornerstone to a good condominium management program. We handle all aspects of the financials for the Board:

  • Collect fees from owners
  • Review invoices and pay vendors
  • Prepare a draft annual operating budget
  • Prepare and email monthly financials to the Board
  • Assist the auditor with the annual preparation of audited financial statements
  • Complete monthly bank reconciliations

… and more!

Click here for our full list of services which includes: Accounting, Unit Sales, Vendor/Contract Management, Physical Maintenance, Meeting facilitation, Insurance, Correspondence, and By-laws.



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