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Running an Efficient Condo Board

It’s important to keep every board meeting running smoothly, but how do you keep things moving along? How do you keep everyone engaged? Use the following rules and best practices to hold a meeting that Richard Branson would be proud of. A meeting that keeps everything and everyone on track. First, establishing a clear direction is important. This includes being clear on member roles/responsibilities and having clear communication methods to prepare for each meeting.

Condo Board members should be able to contribute to each board meeting and feel like the team accomplishes each objective. Everyone knows their role and what they should speak to as the meeting moves forward. Further to this point any discussion and debate must be done BEFORE the meeting.

That’s why an agenda is important…

Second, we want to stick to the meeting agenda no matter what! No new matters should be brought up and never addressed out of order. This will ensure every meeting is kept under 90 minutes, we don’t want anyones eyes to glaze over now do we? A good resource is to reference “Robert’s Rules” which will improve any meeting ten fold. This info has been around for almost 140 years and yet many do not follow the simple steps. Use it as a guide as many tend to break Robert’s rules all too often. Using this resource will help eliminate bad meeting habits and get things moving forward consistently.

Each member should be able to contribute to each board meeting and feel like the team accomplishes each and every objective consistently. The goal is achieve a clear direction while holding effective meetings each month. Making timely decisions is also important to the flow of a meeting.

The three rules of decision making…

Ever wonder why the board seems to get stuck on certain issues and topics? Following these three important rules will help get you unstuck:

  • Stick to decisions once they are made
  • Never re-visit past decisions after they are voted on
  • Respect others opinions and decisions (Always)

Following these rules will ensure you progress as a board. We don’t want you to stagnate!

More to come shortly!

Did you hear us say blog? Yes you did, and it’s all written for you. This section of the site is a quick overview and you will be able to use our upcoming blog posts to your advantage. As you begin to perfect board meetings and the condo association you will see drastic differences. Stay tuned for the posts as we will be your go to guide for running an efficient condo board. Believe me the info will be exciting and the content will help you every step of the way.

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