• Condo Owner’s

Condo Owner’s

Take It To The Next Level Of Property Management

As a condo owner you want to protect your investment, we want to do it for you. Choosing Magnum York puts it in good hands and allows you to enjoy the rest life has to offer. Inspections, maintenance and fee collection are taken care of for you. Learn more about the Condo Management and get to know our personable staff, you will be impressed with what we have to offer.

As a Magnum condo owner you and your tenants have access to the following benefits:

The most common complaints we run into have to do with People, Parking and Pets. Magnum York doesn’t allow pets unless the owner explicitly approves us to do so. In regards to parking please ask any visitors to park on the street instead of in your neighbours stall. Sometimes people can be loud and messy, if you feel comfortable bring up the issue with the offending individual or neighbour. If you are looking for another approach, we provide form letters and simple steps to ensure issues are resolved in a timely matter. We want everyone to enjoy being a part of a Magnum managed property.

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