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Moved in? What’s next…

Magnum provides you with all the information you need to get tenants ready for a new home. Read the following sections, and we will be happy to provide further details if required after that. Now let’s get started!


Moving out? Let us help…

We all need to do our part! When Leaving your Unit there are some steps we need to take to get your deposit back in full. Let’s work together to follow the requirements, we want you to get the full amount back just as much as you.

A couple quick points to remember:

  • One full month notice must be given prior to tenants moving
  • Accept one of our inspection appointment dates
  • Tenants must clean the unit by following these guidelines. More details will be provided on your move out date.
  • We are sad to see you go! Take a look at our vacancy page if you are still looking for a new place to live.

Magnum standard policy is no pets so check with your property manager to approve your fluffy friend. If you have questions we are here to help, call us on the number provided in your welcome package or contact us today. Please view the following resources and vacancy listings below, your answer may be a click away.

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Thank you for choosing Magnum York! Serving Alberta since 1991. We manage properties across Alberta including Fort McMurray, Edmonton, Red Deer, Olds, and Calgary. Don’t live in one of these cities? We would still like to hear from you, contact us today.

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