• Magnum York Online Payments

Magnum York Online Payments

Online Payments in MYCustomerWebAccess Resident 24/7 Portal

Magnum York is pleased to offer all our residents a 24/7 online portal that you can use to update your contact information, view notes and notices to your account, see a history of charges & transactions, submit/track MYCustomerCare maintenance service requests, communicate with us quickly, and pay using various secure online payment methods for those not using Pre-Approved Payments (PAP) from your financial institution. You will also have access to a Community Calendar and Amenity booking if that is set up for your property.

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Online Payments for Rental Tenants and Condo Owners

Our preferred method of collecting monthly payments is through Pre-Approved Payments (PAP) from your Financial Institution. To set up or change your PAP, complete this convenient online form:

Or, if you would like to make payments online with a credit card or EFT, you will need to sign up to your MYCustomerWebAccess Portal. For more details, see here:

Login to our 24/7 portal by clicking here:


To get started you will need to create a login on the portal, which you can do yourself – as long as you have your Magnum York Account Number handy.

If you do not have your Magnum York account number, submit a MYCustomerCare service ticket to us. To submit a service ticket, use the service form for the office that serves you:

On the form, find the input field “How may we help you?” and choose the option “I need my Magnum York Account # to register for MYCustomerWebAccess online portal”.

If the personal information you submit matches what we have on file for you, you should get a reply immediately otherwise it may take up to 48 hours.

For extensive instructions on how to register and create an account, as well as full operating instructions on the portal, download our handy .PDF MYCustomerWebAccess User Manual and Online Payment Guide:


Tutorial – How To Make Online Payments Through MYCustomerWebAccess [Video]

Online Payments FAQ

  1. Is there a delay in the transfer of payments?
    No, payments should be reflected almost instantly, although the funds do take 1 – 3 business days to process completely.

  2. I am receiving an error message when trying to make a payment – “Error occurred while processing your payment. Please try again”.
    Please follow these instructions:
    1. Go to the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the portal and click “payment settings”.
    2. Add your banking/card information and click save.
    3. Go to the “make a payment” tab and now it should work.

  3. I am receiving an error message when trying to sign up – “Value to add was out of range. Parameter name: value”
    This can appear if you are trying to sign up for an account but are expected to move out/stop receiving management from us in the current month. This results in payments not being applicable for the following months, therefore an account cannot be created.
    If you are not expected to move out, please try a different browser or device to sign up. Specific browsers can sometimes cause issues such as this to occur.

  4. I am receiving an error message when trying to make a payment – “invalid postal code”
    The “billing address” needs to match the address that is linked with the debit/credit card that is being used, which might not necessarily be the unit address. Please ensure the postcode format is entered correctly, including space in between. ​Eg. T2A 7E9

  5. I am locked out of my account, now what?
    Your property administrator will need to unlock your account. Please create a service ticket to request to be unlocked: https://magnumyork.com/service/

  6. What are the processing fees?
    Just before submitting a payment, you will be required to read through the fees. $1.00 for EFT and 2.95% for Credit/Debit card payments. 

  7. I own multiple units, how do I sign up for all?
    Your property administrator will need to resend a sign-up link for the other units. Once the link is received, it will connect the units so when you go to the payments tab, you will be able to select the unit you wish to make a payment for. To receive another link, create a service ticket: https://magnumyork.com/service/

On the form, find the input field “How may we help you?” and choose the option “I need my Magnum York Account # to register for MYCustomerWebAccess online portal”. Please specify the other unit/s you are needing to register for.