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  • Tips For Boosting Association Board Morale
    As a member of your Association’s board of directors, you have a responsibility to ensure the association enforces rules, maintains common areas, manages finances, and supports the community. While serving on the board is a volunteer position that can easily become overwhelming, maintaining a positive environment is key. A positive environment promotes collaboration, motivates new members, and enables future success. However, when board morale runs low, it can have negative effects on the community. Here’s how low morale may create a […]
  • Five Mistakes Self-Managing Landlords Make & How to Avoid Them
    Investing in and leasing out rental properties can be a winning financial strategy for property owners. Many landlords also decide to self-manage their rental properties, taking full ownership of the contracts, maintenance, and marketing efforts needed to not only keep their investment sustainable but also profitable. While tenants pay rent on time and abide by their lease agreement, unexpected things always happen. Without the skill and experience of managing properties in today’s market, you’re likely to make a few wrong […]
  • Seven Trends Causing Condo Project Delays For Trades
    Have you been to IKEA lately? Everything is out of stock. And, while that may be annoying when you can’t buy some OSYNLIG candles with the scent of pine, it’s indicative of a much more significant challenge we all face together (boards, property management, and trades). Here are the trends we are seeing in construction and maintenance that make it more important to plan appropriately to react to delays and cost overruns. Table of Contents 1. Inflation Is On The […]
  • How To Prevent Community Gossip
    Gossip is harmful in all organizations, and condo associations are no exception. The spread of rumors and misinformation can cause division, hinder operations, and undermine productivity. Table of Contents Why Gossip Hurts CommunitiesSix Ways to Keep Your Community Gossip-Free1. COVER GOSSIP IN YOUR COMMUNITY’S GOVERNING DOCUMENTS2. PRIORITIZE COMMUNICATION3. PROMOTE POSITIVITY4. ENCOURAGE DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE BOARD AND MANAGEMENT TEAM5. LEAD BY EXAMPLE6. ADDRESS GOSSIP QUICKLY & PROFESSIONALLYResolving Community Conflicts Why Gossip Hurts Communities Many residents choose to live in a managed […]
  • How To Be Smart When Buying A Condo In Alberta
    Looking for a new home can be an exciting experience. If you are looking specifically for a condominium, you may be surprised at all the different things to consider; as buying a condo is not the same as buying a single-family home. There are many benefits of owning a condo, such as taking advantage of shared amenities and building maintenance. However, you will likely be sharing walls with neighbours and other common areas, which makes owning a condo different from […]

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