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We’re with you Alberta, because we ARE you.

Magnum York has been Alberta based since 1992, which means we have been operating here for almost 30 years! We love this province and are happy to serve you. Magnum York is a member of the Real Estate Council of Alberta that ensures adherence to strict rules related to trust accounts and trust funds. Currently, we manage over $2 Billion in properties. The continual growth of this number is a testament to Magnum’s service focus.

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Click here for our full list of services which include: Accounting, Unit Sales, Vendor/Contract Management, Physical Maintenance, Meeting facilitation, Insurance, Correspondence, and By-laws. With $2B of property under management, we’ve been providing condominium and rental management services across Alberta for many years. Your professional services team will give you personalized, efficient management that is as unique as you are.