• Emergency Request

Emergency Request

Who Should I Call for an Emergency?

Emergency situations are those that are immediately dangerous or will become a safety issue. Please follow these guidelines when you have an urgent situation:

Call 911 When…

You are in a scenario of immediate danger such as a heart attack or personal trauma. This includes security issues such as attempted break-ins, or where someone on the property has been injured. In the case of a fire call 911 right away. Any situation that is of immediate danger to the occupants of the home should be reported to the police.

Advise your Magnum property manager of the situation when appropriate, when help is on the way and/or you feel safe.

Other Emergencies…

Call us for these reasons if you are not in immediate danger:

  • Loss of heat, or power,
  • Plumbing or roof leaks.
  • Sewage backups or flooding.
  • When a property cannot be secured (such as parkade door stuck open or a lobby door is broken).
  • Other situations that endanger the occupant or the home.

In the above scenarios contact your local office to assist you immediately. If after hours please follow the instructions provided to you in your welcome package.

If you suspect a gas leak or have a gas-related emergency please call ATCO Gas, leave the building immediately and call their 24/7 Emergency Service Lines:



Calgary Emergencies: 403-294-0411

Edmonton Emergencies: 780-482-1644

Red Deer Emergencies: 403-314-4974

Olds Emergencies: 403-791-1111

Fort McMurray Emergency Line: 403-294-0411


For all non-emergencies please contact your property manager during regular business hours.

  • No hot water
  • Broken appliance
  • Minor repairs
  • Rent concerns


Other important contact numbers:

Alberta emergency and disaster response:

Alberta environmental emergencies:

Health Link Alberta Number:



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